Stupidity on display with a 5 year old girl.

cliickbait. Unless you want your daya harvested

I like the comment, “Zed Man, Reply to @John Bradson: > There’s no alligators at this time of year.”

One comment said the people were “prepared”. Water was 40 and air was 34. Can you get a dry suit for a 5 year old? I don’t know the area but there is a winter storm up there according to the Weather Channel. Survival kit, fire, cell phone…all were good things. At least they were more prepared than the average person on a kayak in the summer.

Either way it was good that they were rescued. You know if they called a service like Sea Tow there might have been less publicity.

Sounds like a case of poor decision making on the part of the adults to me.
I wouldn’t have taken a five year old child out in those conditions, under any circumstance; no matter what bail out gear I was carrying.
Luckily, all turned out ok.
Hopefully, “somebody learned"something”…


SeaTow would no come to you not a motorboat.