sub $100 paddle needed

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I'm looking for 2 (me & the wife) Kayak paddles for under $100 each (not $150 each).
Will be used for flat water, lakes, slow moving rivers etc.

Any ideas, reviews, links.......

Canoo or 'yak???

Sorry, this will be for kayaks.

Also must be a 1 or two piece, dont want a 3 or 4 piece one.

Check out the Aquabound brand. Couple styles of plastic blades are available with 2pc aluminum shafts and go for around $95. Best paddle for that price range in my opinion.

I like canon paddles
there plastic/aluminum paddles are very light and easy on the arms

Have you considered buying

had aluminum aquabounds on for under $40 in their pittsburgh store!

Lots of good options
Look for fiberglass shaft and nylon blades. If you shop around for super bargains, or find used, you might be able to get fiberglass shaft with fiberglass blades. But for casual paddling on flat water, anything above aluminum shaft will do. If you are paddling wide beam rec boats, you probably want 230cm–maybe 220cm.

Werner has a new entry level paddle with Orange plastic blades, button ferrule, and a fiberglass shaft. I can’t remember the name but it’s a less expensive Skaggit and priced at $99. For the money, probably the best new paddle on the market.

Laguna is the name if I remeber correctly. I’ll doube check the stats when I get in the showroom tomorrow.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

sub $100 paddles
Try to check out Dicks Sporting We picked up a kayak paddle last spring for near $50.00.

When my wife and I kayak we always carry a spare paddle with us. You never know when it might be needed.

I carry it on top of my WS Tsunami 145. I found an inexpensive fishing rod holder for the back of a boat seat, that I attach up near the front of the yak. This way I can readily change paddles or hand it over to another paddler without having to get out of the kayak.

Happy paddling!

another good one
in that price range if you find it on sale is the Bending Branches Glide Glass. slimmer/longer blade profile than the Slice, making it better for longer distances. I have a Werner Skagit and Cascadia as well and am happy with all three.

That Laguna looks good though, a more basic version of the Skagit and only a couple ounces heavier.

what sizes? I have two to sell
I have two extra 2-piece touring paddles I was planning to sell by Spring ( I just sold two of my sea kayaks to a couple who already had paddles so I no longer need these.) One is a 240 cm Werner (older model similar to Camano) that was always a bit long for me – it has a blue fiberglass shaft and white fiberglass reinforced plastic blades. The other is a 230 cm Voyager, black fiberglass handle with white slender plastic blades that I had purchased as a spare. It’s a brand I have not seen advertised but I picked it up for a good price a couple of years ago at a clearance sale and it’s quite nice. Both paddles are in excellent condition, very light and have a good feel in the water. I spent a little over $300 on the two of them. If you are interested you can have them both for $180.

I’m located not far from you in Pittsburgh, PA, if you are ever out this way. I can e-mail you photos and could box and ship the paddles if you decide to buy them. Send me an e-mail if you think you might be interested.


Ty-Warp paddles, anyone heard of them?

Ty-warp makes a nice whitewater paddle. Don’t know anything about their touring paddles.

Pacific Paddles?
Anyone here know anything about them? I need a spare and saw an ad here on P-net. Didn’t like that they are aluminum shaft but still may be a decent spare.

I’ve got one.
Pictures of it here:

I think it would make a decent spare. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan, though. The shaft is small (though, he suggests that you tape a pencil for indexing, which I think it would also increase the comfortable size of the shaft).

For me, in my rec. boat - the paddle blade/shaft connection dumps a tremendous amount of water on my lap. More than any other paddle that I’ve used.

I find it doesn’t feel as nice as some of the high-end paddles of similar weight - BUT, it was a quarter of the cost. (Which, when I bought - was the key factor.)

And finally, I managed to crack the edge of the blade while using it in fairly cold water AND pushing off of a rock (I don’t blame the paddle - it was me and how I Was using it!).

Thanks Doug

Need to stay off the drugs before heading outdoors…

Think a craigslist somewhere…

go used - what sizes?
I have 2 to sell too… waterstick karma touring paddles lengths 210 and 215… $75 for 1 or $150 for both - you pay shipping.