Subaru 2013 Outback roof rack

I’ve read previous posts in the archives and am still confused.

I use a Yakima Rail Grab on my car and the bars are close together and it is hard to balance a 17’ 55 lb. kayak.

In addition, when I drive, the Rail Grab pushes up and down and makes the Subaru rails squeak; I hope they don’t get pulled off.

The factory rails can slide out to give greater distance but seem less stable.

Any advice will be appreciated.

Still waiting …
Yakima was going to make landing pads to fit the 2013, but they did not do it.

Some people have tried modifying the old landing pads but its not clear that you can mount them in any way that increases the distance from the front to the rear bar. It still gives you only the option of using the most forward position for the rear bar.

a few options
As stated above, there are quite a few of add-on solutions

If you desire to be a bit more radical, you can order European or Japanese spec rails and put them on. Since roofline hasn’t changed, I am quite sure you could find a wreckers yard in UK that will ship them to you.

Also, way back, rackattack did Yakima/Thule rail conversion on the Outback.

Using the rear factory bar position
That was added to give more spread after the complaints in the first release of this silly rack system, and it approximates pretty well the spread that is available on the pre-2010 models.

The challenge is getting clear info on the advisability of using it for longer boats. Last I knew, Subaru had not backed off on their official stance that the new racks are not designed to carry full length sea kayaks. While the new rack components are supposed to be able to carry more weight than the older ones, the lack of support from Subaru if you did have an incident on the highway would leave you in the lurch.

Hence the comfort in using third party crossbars… if you can find a way to attach them in the first place.

I currently own a 2012 Subie Impreza
hatchback and I previously owned a 2011 Forester. Both of these vehicles are better equipped for hauling sea kayaks that any 2010+ Outback model.

The Impreza Sport and Forester both come with stock ‘euro-style’ rails rated to at least 150 pounds. The stock factory system requires no modifications or add-ons. The Forester offers a better spread for your towers and has more cargo space, while the Impreza has a lower roof line for easier loading and better fuel economy.

I have transported two 17’ sea kayaks and a Thule cargo pod on both of these cars.

Of course ymmv.

It appears I’m stuck for now until
a better rack comes along.

Thank you for your thoughts.

I’ll make due with the current configuration without trying to find racks overseas.