Subaru Baja rack spread ?

I’m about to lose my commuter-kayak hauler ‘02 Prizm (Corolla twin) to my daughter. I promised her when she began HS that if she got all A’s, it would be hers at license time. So its replacement time for me.

The Subaru Baja might be a choice IF the rack spread was sufficient. Every one I see has the racks set at less than their max spread.

Does anyone have one of these rare beasts? What is your max spread (center of crossbar to center of crossbar) length in inches? The Prizm/Corolla has 30" (Yakima’s M4 length) and I view that crossbar spread as the least I’m willing to accept for hauling composite kayaks to 17’. Thanks.

I drive a Baja
18 ft Night heron. 18 ft Outer Island. 17 foot plastic Tempest. 16.5 foot skin on frame. All at the same time. 2 on J racks and two with a stacker in the middle. (Or three with yakima saddles in the middle)

Highways I use tie downs.

No issues ever.


But Brazil, what is your spread ?
And we don’t mean your avoirdupois while seated.

I would try for another support bar back in the open “truck” space, or supported on a hitch. Our new Accord has only a 30" bar spacing, and I find that it takes a lot of smart rope work to compensate for such a short spacing.

Thanks Paul
That’s very encouraging info. Do you know the rack spread?

And overall, how do you like your Baja? (year?)


hey , congradulations are in order …
… to daughter and parents , for all the hard work and efforts to achieve those grades , ***** + * for good measure .

As for a 30" support bar spread , I ain’t got nothin good to say about that , so you know , when in Rome …

Thanks Pilotwingz
for your kind words; the credit is all hers.

30" is the shortest spread on any of our racked vehicles. The Forester is closest to ideal for kayak loading. Silverado Pickup cap rack has great crossbar spread but so much higher - really too high.

The search for the one vehicle that can do it all (tow 3500 lbs, low enough long roof to haul kayaks, and commute over 100 miles/day economically) is an elusive one. Maybe if we had more small diesel choices…