Subaru factory rack question

for 2005 or 2006 Legacy wagoners.

After I move back to US this July I will likely buy a 2006 Legacy wagon to haul boats on. Changing vehicles always presents rack issues and cost. I want to use my existing Thule aluminium cross bars and rubber faced saddles on the seemingly sturdy roof rails that are provided on this wagon.

Thule does offer their 440 set and with appropriate foot pack for the 06 Legacy. However it has the square cross bars that my saddles do not fit on. My foreign bought saddles have an inverted “T” that fits into alloy cross bar’s slot.

My question to owner’s of factory option oval and aluminium Subaru cross bars is, what are dimensions of this bar’s top slot? How wide is slot at opening and within? How deep is slot?

Also what is the overall length of the Subaru cross bars? Can you carry two 21 inch beam boats flat with hull down?

I haven’t found saddles good enough
to carry poly boats hull down. Mine go hull up or on edge. [Hull down fanatics might explain what cockpit covers they use to keep rainwater out of the cockpits, while avoiding wind-flopping.]

I use Yakimas on my '97 Outback, and the crossbars are plenty far enough apart for all purposes.

I am confused by your post
are you saying that saddles are not secure enough to run with the boat in an upright/hull down config? I am kind of surprised because I ran with my 17.5 at 75 mph the other day with it sitting up there just as described. We must be talking about different saddles.

I have a 2001 Legacy wagon and the spacing between the rails is 32". Should not be much different on the newer wagons. I use a Yakima rack system that clamps to the rails and dont have factory cross bars.

not sure
what you are asking.

I own 06 Subaru Impreza. The rails are narrower at the rear. I was not able to carry two 22’ kayaks flat. Company “flat/oval/aerodynamically shaped” cross bars are not what I would consider quality product - too much flex, too much give.

I use 2 Malone Autoloaders. The angles/clearances are just enough to tighten screws on the rack and squeeze under the garage doors.

Spring Creek cradles
Sold through Castle Craft. These cradles are grrrrrrrreat. No hull deformation from using them.

We use nylon cockpit covers with sewn-on belly strap that goes around the girth of the kayak and cinches tight. I added it on to my Snapdragon cover; my husband’s Seals cover came with it, plus his has a grippy textured rubber coaming edge.

Hull distortion. Also I prefer to travel
with the cockpits down.

knock yourself out.
FYi I have not seen any hull distortortion using Yakima Mako saddles, the model with the intergrated straps. I actually know this because our company makes metrology equipment and I’ve measured my Eddyline a few times just for fun. The 3-d model looks very cool on my laptop.