Subaru Tribeca

I went test driving cars this weekend and of course went to the local Subaru dealer. Tried the Outback, it’s definately on the list. Then I made the mistake of looking at the interior and then test driving the Tribeca. Wow, what a nice car. Only problem I could see would be trying to load a sea kayak using Hulley Rollers. It seemed like the angle from the roof rack, over the spoiler to the back bumper would allow it without using the spoiler somehow.

Anyone have experience with the Tribeca? Really nice car, but it won’t make the cut if I can’t car top with it. For refernece I paddle a Prijon Touryak, it’s 15 1/2 ft long.

Any input is greatly appreaciated.



Great looks . . . .
But STARTING at $30 grand?! That’s for the basic model before you add any options. There are a lot of more reliable, probably nicer vehicles you can get into for a lot less than that . . . .

No kidding
What would you say is a nicer car in the SUV Crossover category? I figure about $38K when it’s all said and done…

will only set you back another 422, but will make putting your boat on the vehicle a breeze.

For 30K vehicle, less than 2% :slight_smile:

Good crossovers?
You would be very hard pressed to find a good reliable crossover for under 30K. Even the Rav4 and CRV are now up in the mid to high 20’s.

A loaded CRV or RAV4 are $10k less
when you start loaded to loaded, and will have 5-10mpg fuel economy.

A Honda Ridgeline starts about $3k less and is a ton more vehicle from the start to the finish. Pilots start a little less and again, it’s a Honda.

You’re looking at $2-3K less starting out with Highlanders & 4Runners, and a lot more options.

With Subies rep for not being the most reliable, if you’re going to spend that kinda scratch, get into a Honda or Toyota and at least get your money’s worth . . . .

totally unique, and gorgeous
being a mere pauper, i speak purely hypothetically but many would say there’s value in the style and uniqueness of the Tribeca. apparently they are awesome to drive, and have a sophisticated all wheel drive system, most power goes to the rear wheels. this is a sporty vehicle compared to the Pilot for example. if it were me, i’d be putting up Yakima tracks and a custom rack system. slimmer, more aesthetic, stronger and better than factory. did so on my 03 CRV to great effect.

Nissan Murano

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If you like the tribeca, try the Murano. We found a 2 yr old with 15,000 miles on it with every thing but Nav and memory seats for $26,500. Fast, fun, big and small all at the same time. All leather, Bose, factory 18" wheels. Ours already had after market Toyo Proxy ST's. Pewter color, can't tell that its dirty until you touch it.

Had it a year and half and 13,000 miles and still am very impressed with it.

Edit: The original owners had wanted a newly available color in the Murano.

I have a 2006 Tribeca
and have logged some long trips with it - 10 hour days etc. I had driven Subys since my '80 Loyale 4WD and felt I deserved a bit of luxury.

So far I have yet to load my QCC-500 onto the roof - I have been driving a Bell Magic all season - but I am thankful that I have a Hullivator. Roofline is significally higher than my last OB.

Be aware of the dect=rease in MPG. At this moment I have the Bell racked up, and teh computer is registering 19.5 for mostly commuting miles. I can get about 21 on a fairly flat interstate. Also, a atouring boat should net better MPG than a canoe.

Long story short, I vote for a Hullivator, or lacking that, a Boatloader. I once had, and do not care for the Hully Rollers.


2007 Ford Edge
I just picked up a Ford Edge SEL Plus that was not quite as pricey as that Tribeca and it included EVERY option including NAV. Sweet.

I also liked the fact that as a crossover it has a roofline that is very low (lower than a Ford Escape) and gives me a very solid ride. Easy to put my boat up there (OI OC) but added Yakima Lowriders and bars to the factory rails for greater strength and to allow me to use my vista roof with the racks on.

Lots of good choices out there if you want all wheel drive, luxury, low rooflines for loading, etc.

If I could have afforded it though, I would have got an Infinity FX35…YOWSA!!!


Please forgive me, but what is a Bell Magic? I thought it might be a Buell motorcycle but when you said it was racked up and only getting 19 mpg makes me wonder.

Bell Magic =
Bell Canoe Works

Magic is a fast solo tripper designed by Dave Yost. About 35# in Black Gold (carbon fiber/kevlar) so it is very easy to lift to the roof.

BTW, the 2006 had no rails, only threaded bosses where the factory x-bars bolted in. I had to fabricate bases for tracks to mount Yakima Rail Riders. You will have it easy with the new model!


Thanks Jim
Should have figured that one out myself.

Yep the 2007 and later do have racks. Yakima says that Hulley’s can work on it, I just don’t see how but supposedly they really test their equipment on the actual auto first before they sell it and I know that they have a corporate Tribeca they use so I have no reason to doubt them.

That’s the question
I’m actually answering now. do I get something inexpensive like a Toyota Tacoma now and then a sports car in 5 years or so? Or do I just go ahead and get an expensive car now that can do both?

I’m thinking that the first option makes sense, then I have both cars depending on what I’m doing.

I bought an F150 4x4 super cab and a little Impreza Outback instead of one luxury SUV. The truck gets dirty and goes camping, the outback fits into tiny parking spots at the beach.

With Subie’s rep…

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Where did you get that impression? You don't know me so my Forester's 150,000 miles with nothing more than gas and oil changes won't mean anything. You might compare reliability in Consumer Reports. Subaru ranks right along with Honda and Toyata. Incidentally, we've owned all three at different times and I'm not slamming any of them.

Upon reflection, sold the Toyota to a friend for his wife. Last time she mentioned it she'd passed 200k and still loved it.

The Honda was sorta the weak sister. Never made it past 120k. But maybe we oughta blame the guy that ran a stop sign at 45 and t-boned the little Prelude.

Good cars. None deserve mud slinging.

Your experience is far greater than mine
Never owned a subie. I guess the majority of owners here have loved them. But several have talked about problems on different boards and threads here.

CR, is not always accurate in my opinion. I will say this about them: They slammed on the Suzuki Sidekicks when they were out. I had a '93 for 8 years, never replaced anything but the battery, and performed maybe half the recommended maintenance. Would I extol the virtues of how great and reliable they are? Maybe by MY experiences, but then again, the sun even shines on a dog’s arse some days . . . .