Subaru Under-Hood Anchor Points

I have installed and used web loops from under the hood of Chevy trucks/suburbans to secure bow lines on canoes and kayaks for several years. I’m now looking at doing the same on a Subaru Outback, but the available fender screws and sheet metal do not look nearly as substantial, and I’m wondering whether other folks have had to replace the existing screws with washers and longer screws, added additional bolts, or whether any of this compromises safety or warranty? I’m hoping someone has some experience to share.

I’m not too worried
about my warranty on my Outback and Forester considering that it ran out considering they ran out 117,000 and 194,000 miles ago!

I never had an issue
I had tie down loops on both my Forrester and Outback. Even had the wind almost rip my boat off the Mako saddles once, no dammage to the tie down points.


I had them
in my 2005 Outback. I had to remove two screws, 6mm if I recall and install longer ones to accomodate the web. No problems.


Around the subframe

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We've placed maybe a thousand web straps around the Subaru cross-subframe that controls the radiator. We sometimes need a 9" long copper or clothshanger hook, but 18- 22 inches of 1" nylon web always works.

We have pics posted on the Placid boatworks website.

more details
Getting a 20 foot boat shortly, and have a Legacy wagon. I noticed at the local shop a few cars with loops and was curious where they mounted.

I do have some mods, so I am concerned that one if not two of the points might be blocked by the front mount intercooler, piping or the aftermarket intake. Could somebody be specific about where I should look for access on the 05+ Legacy chassis? Thanks!


anchoring location
I run (wrap) strapping around the diagonals of the upper radiator support on my wife’s Outback wagon.

For both her Subaru and my Sable wagons I use the strapping loops that came with the bow tiedowns which came with our Set-to-Go saddles. I prefer a trucker’s hitch using cord to the ratcheting system Thule provides.

a bit OT
Had a similar problem with my 2006 Subaru Impreza - that is lack of tie down points up front.

Here is what I discovered - there is some sort of air scoop below the radiator. If you stick your hand in and hunt around towards edges of the intake( probably best to have engine off at this point :wink: ) you will find a metal bracket. Once you find that, start examining the surface. Lo and behold - there is probably 3/8 hole that can be used for tie down.

Obviously, there is one on the other side as well.

Now, your car is different, but it still worth “feeling it up”

my '01 outback
Has tie down points in the form of stamped metal “tow loops” protruding from the frame; they’re plenty substantial but tucked under the front bumper. For easier access I’ve clipped a carabiner to each one (thanks for the 'biners friendlyfire!)

Flat webbing and front scoop
I installed a “permanant” webbing loop in the scoop of my impreza similar to a previous post. Tied it with a figure 8 and made it long enough to clear the hood. Just toss it into the scoop when not in use. Used climbing quality webbing and still in great shape after 3 wisconsin winters. Also the webbing does not scratch the finish.

got those tiedowns as well
Up front, which I can use. Extending them out with carabiners sounds like an option.

Interested in between the hood so I wouldn’t have to deal with using additional lines to keep the loop around the front of the boat snug, nothing to tie to on the front of the boat at all.

whats that?

Any good canoe car/truck should hold up for a quarter million miles.

My Forester is at 180,000 and the Toyota Tundra at 315,000. Miles not kms.

More details
As previously mentioned; pics are available on the Placid boats website;