I have to shake my head every time I see a Subaru with a kayak on drive by.What would make someone go and buy a Subaru?Is it because they have kayaks in their showrooms?

It’s because a Sub is a great car and I can go anywhere with it. I love my Subaru and the kayaks it carries on top.We’ve been on many a trips to MT, WY, ID etc. to camp and paddle and I wouldn’t trade my Sub for nothing. I bought it BECAUSE we ARE avid Paddlers,Hikers,Backpackers and Campers.

Low roof racks… and room for gear…
That was my criteria

Hi cfl
I guess everybody has an opinion. I don’t know why you wrote this though. Subaru’s are great cars. If you look at the Insurance Institutes safest car list, the Legacy/Outback will be on top in their class. They have one of the best dependabilty reports around. They carry a lot of gear, are easy to load boats onto and are all wheel drive. That’s a nice option is a sport that sometimes takes you off road. There are probably eight Subaru’s in the club I belong.


Dont feed
the troll.


The guy’s…
a troll. From 27 years of ownership of Subaru’s,got questions? Not going to repeat what everyone else said. Why,would you would buy a Ford if they put naked women near one,Huh?

Happy Paddling billinpa

More economical than SUV’s
Or 4WD trucks, and just as capable. Most SUV’s never go offroad, so what’s the point?

Subys don’t roll over anywhere near as easily, and carry almost as much stuff at a much easier to load roof height.

Actually, any station wagon is a great paddlemobile. We have a Volvo V40 and a VW Jetta TDI wagon, and they both are easy to load, and carry a ton of stuff for their size. We bought them over the Subarus for the fuel efficiency. The V40 gets 32 - 34 mpg highway, and the Jetta gets 50 mpg highway. If Subys were as good on fuel, we’d have a pair of them.

have you
ever been to Colorado?

Subaru’s all over hell. They’re used for just more than kayaks my friend. Reason for it. They’re very reliable cars. Especially for those involved in skiing, kayaking, etc…

Subaru Fan
If you shake your head every time you see a kayak on top of a Subaru, I wonder what you do when you see me driving by with a CANOE on top of mine. I don’t really care what you shake though. It is a good dependable vehicle, all wheel drive, and the roof rack is low enough that I can load my solo canoe by myself. Couldn’t do that easily with a giant SUV. Maybe not the vehicle for everyone, but you’ll find most Subaru owners are Subaru lovers.

To each his own, …

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... but since there're no other posts by this person in the archived portions of p-net over the past year, I have to wonder why this would be so important to him that it's apparently the one thing he'd choose to talk about in his first visit.

For what it's worth, I had a Subaru wagon back in the days when they, along with many other types of cars, were much more practical and down to earth than anything on the road nowadays, and I loved that car. If I had the chance to pick up another one like it I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

wifes car
The wife is on her secound subaru, I can’t even remember what year the first one was, damn thing just kept runnig. The present one is a 2002 outback wagon with the six cylinder, there are a lot of cars that get better mileage including my honda, but getting in and driving the subaru after driving my honda all I can say is wow this is just so much more car, comfort and driving exsperience. Let alone the peace of mind it gives me knowing that is what she is driving when condition are bad, snow and ice. It totally out performs my four wheel drive ford truck in slippery conditions.


how about
they need about half the fuel of a F150 or Dodge Durango or chev avalanche and last at least twice as long…?

I loved my Subaru wagon…RIP
This past Summer, my trusty old Subaru died. Over the past several years, I’d replaced nearly every major part except for the engine itself. Finally, it was the 300,000+ mile engine that gave up the ghost.

It was a great boat and gear carrying car; even accommodating my one piece GPs inside (with the blades sticking out a bit between the front seats). An older Subaru, it had 4WD, but not the “AWD” of the newer versions. I didn’t have to use the 4WD very often, but when I did, I was glad to have it.

I thought about just getting a new engine for it, but there was another problem I’d been trying to ignore; the advanced state of rust on several critical parts of the body (the bonus for insisting upon living right next to the beach; though well worth the bother! :-)).

I was actually planning on looking for another Subaru wagon, perhaps a bit younger this time. Just about when I was having trouble finding anyone willing to part with their Subaru, and needing a replacement car immediately, a little blue pickup truck with a new engine, transmission, and clutch presented itself. I never thought about getting a pickup truck, but I could immediately see possibilities for this peculiar vehicle (more boats, more gear, collecting my own firewood, stinky neoprene separated from cab, etc.). It’s an old Nissan rear wheel drive, not at all gutless (as my Subaru was), and still gets decent gas mileage. Surprisingly, it even has a more comfortable ride than with the Subaru!

I suppose I’ll find out–in some unfortunate moment, no doubt–if I miss the 4WD of the Subaru, but for now, this little truck is turning into great boat and gear vehicle.


What does cfl stand for?
Confused F**king Loser? What a troll you are.

I don’t know
I mean, everyone knows a Miata is a much more practical choice for carrying a canoe or sea kayak. Some people are just so easily manipulated. What kind of idiot thinks a long low roof line, built in rack, AWD, and a huge cargo area in back would be an advantage in transporting kayaks and gear?

4 or 6 cyl?

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Owners & former owners.

Can you comment on longevity vs. engine size? Are their 4 cyl models noted for high mileage or would the 6 be better?

I asked the same question on Toyota's once, and was surprised that most actually thought the 4 cyl would last longer. As over the years, they've really refined that engine design.

Hey now, watch the miata comments!
I have one and love it! :slight_smile: Sure it doesnt haul my boat, but once I get a trailer hitch… :-p

Really though the Miata is the topless toy, my VW GTI hauls my boat just fine :slight_smile:

A friend has one too.
Its a great car. For its purpose.

Are you going to allow this thread ?

Don’t mess with Subaru owners
they are a ferociously loyal lot.

I didn’t think much one way or another about Subarus in Texas, the land of the Detroit-built pickup, suv, or suburban, until I checked out my wife’s bestfriend’s Forrester, which she uses for hauling her surfboards. I think it’s a pretty nice car. Looking at the outback, I think it would make a great alternative to an SUV, especially for a college kid who might want to haul stuff between school and home, yet not be such a big honkin’ truck.