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If you have a problem or question about your Subaru, go to the Subaru web site! I've never seen anyone paddle a Subaru. I don't own a Subaru, don't want a Subaru, don't wanna read about your Subaru.

Amen to that

thank god someone said it
And saved me the trouble.

Must have been a post a week about those things.

we still haven’t discussed how a well Subaru surfs!

I loved my Subbies
But they got old, and had to go. I don’t like the newer models that much, they need to go back to their roots.

I Am Guessing…
more folks are interested in how it rolls and whether a “stick” would make rolling it easier.


It shoulda been posted in “Discussion”

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..., where any subject is acceptable and nothing gets archived (that's true for your topic too, by the way). Still, I wonder what's going on with you that you are somehow compelled to read everything that gets posted here. When "I don't want to read about" a topic, I don't read the posts. Good thing you were never around here back when people had the discussions about orange peels, geocaching, or even binoculars. You'd have made yourself crazy reading all that stuff.

amen to that…nm

My Subaru
Was a good kayak hauler but it was time to move on to the Jetta Sportwagen TDI which is a fabulous kayak carrier.

Never heard of
a “Canoe” model “SUBARU”.

At least that was my thought after seeing “SUBARU” in the “Canoe” category.

Go Away Troll nm

OP must drive a Toyota…
God be with you…

Ha Ha, it’s advice, so he can post here.

If you have a problem or question about your Necky, go to the Necky web site! I’ve never seen anyone drive a Necky. I don’t own a Necky, don’t want a Necky, don’t wanna read about your Necky.


a Necky actually is a kayak. I believe this is a paddling website last I saw.

Binoculars I can see being discussed. They are a valuable tool for scouting rapids, etc.

Cars, no. You use them for hauling your boat of course, but you also use your garage to store them, your job to buy them, etc. The line should be drawn somewhere.

I agree with the OP. Talk about boats.

Subaru Canoe?
Topic/threads that don’t get response fall to second and latter pages quickly. If you don’t want to read a thread/topic, then simply don’t read it.

And all this time, I thought
it was a high end canoe!



paddlers talking about cars is like
car enthusiasts talking about canoes

painful threads to read; where’s Brent when you need him?


OP definately NOT the…
Subaru Guru who posts here occasionally with real world advice, suggestions and general help.

I guess it could be him wanting everyone to go over to the fantastic Subaru forums … but I doubt it.

I think people who post and lurk here are like minded in many ways and so seek help, sage advice and wisdom from a group of folks whom they consider as friends, even with miles inbetween. Everyday life is filled with more than boats so why not bounce an idea or two off of your buddies to get some sound opinions from a diversified pool ?

are generally used to carry the boats we paddle and the wisdom of many can help in future purchases. Thought it might be a legitimate question. Then again much of the advice on boats is pretty bogus also.