Suburban roof rack

Ok I have a '02 Suburban 4X4, with a factory roof rack. Is there any thing, rails extension or wheels/roller that will attach to it to assist in loading a canoe?

I don’t want to R2 the factory rack.


Bobby G

I added
Thule rails to my Yukon Denali factory roof rack. I also attached a Thule outrigger that is a rail that slides out to the side of the front rail. I put the bow of the canoe on the outrigger, lift the stern and walk it over to the back of the truck, and then leverage the bow onto the front rail. Works like a charm.


My Sub already had a built in roller bar to facilitate loading, Z-71 package, I just added the thule saddles to it for my yacks & plastic Kruger. Its pretty easy just rest boat against roller and roll it up an on, be careful though to keep the boat from sliding off onto the ground… Also standing on the Nerf bars helps when you tie it down…

O.K., Swedge, You Got My…
…curiosity going. What boat are you calling a “Plastic Kruger?” WW


mine is OD green of course…