Such a Thing as Too Much Water...

on your hands? (I liked your title, Pika).

About a month back my buddies and I did a very long kayak trip in Core Sound. My hands stayed wet all day and the fingernails on my pinky fingers got bruised under the nails. They still don’t look too healthy. Anyone else run into this? Do you think a clear polish would protect them on a long trip? (I’m not a bright color kinda guy).

But what would wet hands have to do with bruised fingernails?

Did you notice any numbness in your hands? It is possible that your pinky nails were bruised due to lack of proper circulation. I’ve never had that symptom, but I know my pinky fingers are the first to feel numbness from insufficient circulation.

Holy crap Rex…
You’ll have all the fellas whistling at you if you start using nail polish !

cheers, Jackl

It’s the Damndest Thing
As the day wore on my pinky fingertips start hurting. I look at them and they look like they’ve already had some polish put on. Bruised under the nail. Near as I can tell it’s from being saturated for so long and gripping the paddle too tightly. I’ve never seen this on a regular day. Just very long days.

Next time
Next time you go on a long paddle, I’d make sure you don’t grip the paddle so tightly. I’d also suggest shaking your arms periodically so that the blood runs down to your hands and fingers more.

I really don’t think it has to do with your hands being wet - why then would it be only your pinkies? It’s more likely a combination of your grip being too tight and your arms being extended outward for so long that your blood isn’t circulating sufficiently to your fingers, and your pinkies are the first to feel the impact of this.

That’s the weirdest thing I’ve heard yet
Do they hurt now?

If it happens again, maybe you should ask your doctor for advice. Maybe the ovalized part of the shaft is pressing hard on the pinkies?

No Pain
For a while it looked like the nails were separating from the skin so I clipped them way short. Looks better. The left one has a greenish bruise at the base of the nail. Go figya. I think I’ll focus on a looser grip.

The name of the game is relax
You said your fingers were wet the whole time you were out, so I am assuming that you were in rough water.

If it was rough you were probably as tense as hell just waiting for that big wave to capsize you.

That all would translate to squeezing the paddle, (probably unknowingly).

I have been in big water on numerous occasions, and one of the things I keep telling myself is “just relax”



go for it, man
If you want to use nail polish, go ahead. You don’t need any excuses. And a good manicure can be very therapeutic.