suction cups

I have some old canoe carries designed for suction cups. The suction cups are pretty much worn out. can a person still find this style of suction cup?

As soon as I get on my laptop, I will supply a link to where I ordered mine.

Suction Cups

BOOOM! Suction cups, my suggestions are two fold.

  1. don’t over tighten these, as the threaded anchor can and will pull out of them.
  2. Drill a hole to keep them from suctioning, if they do form a suction, you will pull the threaded anchor out when you go to remove the rack from your car.

    Have fun! I should post pics of my rack. 2x4’s and all.

Spring Creek Outfitters

Still sells a version. Probably a source of cups as well.


Takes me back to 1973, because
when we bought our first canoe, I had to devise a boat rack for our strange car, a Renault R16. It had no rain gutters, but it had two long ridges along the edges of the roof. The Spring Creek do-it-yourself kit looks very much like what I devised with two crossbars made of oak. The suction cups rested on the roof just within the ridges, and I carefully sized oak blocks so that part of the load rested on the ridges. The Renault’s bumpers had the most wonderful tie points for ropes, and so we were able to carry our 18.5 foot canoe securely on a rather small car.

Of course one never could trust the little straps and window clips, so I removed the racks whenever the boat was not on the car. The end of each bar was held by two straps and two clips to the window frame.