Sufing whale watch boat and kayaks vs container ship

The first 2 segments of this video are interesting - 1st is a whale watch boat out of Mission Bay in San Diego crossing the a breaking bar to get back in and 2nd is some protesting kayakers in Australia getting in the way of a container ship.


The whale watch boat captain saved his wave ride from a broach quite nicely! :slight_smile: :+1:


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Absolutely right, Sing!

I got sweaty palms and started leaning as I watched!

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Zero sympathy for a kayaker that intentionally gets in front of a huge ship like that. They must be brain dead. No idea what they were protesting but it doesn’t matter what it was,.

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I will never forget the first time I paddled any serious salt water. We came out of the harbor at Anacortes, WA and paddled under the bow lines of ocean going ships. The wake of the WA State Ferry was 6 feet. The tidal rips appeared out of nowhere a long way from shore. At peak flow some of the rips between islands were 6-8 knots. Do not mess around in the ocean.

Lost At See(Sic)

The Ocean, she big!
She swallows up whales!
And flights of fancy in fleets
with many a sad sailor’s tale.

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