Suggest a Playful Sea Kayak

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When I first got into this kayak thing I really valued tracking. Here lately I think a very 'turny' boat would be fun to have. wilsoj posted the P&H Delphin as a playful boat. The Avocet and Pintail look like possibilities. Any other suggestions? Thanks. Oh... 5'9" and 165 pounds. Keyhole cockpit.

Romany (nm)

Capella 161
It’s my favorite!

Right after I posted the above, I thought, “Shoulda included the Capella 161, too.” Figured you (Suz) would add it here :wink:

Rex, the Capella is nicer to paddle backwards (than the Romany), IMO. Since you like the Tempest 165, you’d probably like the Capella also. And I was told that P&H will supply bulkhead foams if you don’t want footpegs. They do a much better job cutting them than I did!

Many Thanks
P&H can be found close by. (At least I know they were some years back). I have to do some driving to try out Valley boats.

If you’re heading to a Valley dealer…
…try an Avocet. If you fit the parameters, definitely try an AvocetLV, which is, IMHO, definitely more playful than a RomanyLV – and I loved my RomanyLV.

In plastic
also is the Dagger Alchemy’s and Wilderness Systems Zephyr’s. The Alchemy 14.0 S (smaller one) would probably fit you well, as would the Zephry 155. My fav of these is the Alchemy. It’s short, very playful, yet has full sea kayak outfitting.

Anas Acuta
Mine’s a ton of fun to paddle. Very turny, and loves waves, too.

Avocet LV
I got to paddle someone’s Avocet LV and liked it a lot. Wondered what else similar was out there.

Maybe a Pilgrim
I thought it less turny than the Romany LV, but I paddled them 2 yrs apart so no direct comparison.

Don’t blast me for this, but I really
think the Eddyline Fathom LV is a beautiful boat. Playful, yet fast and will carry some gear, and very durable. Rolls well too. Just thought I would throw out something you might not be thinking about. Bill

No sea kayak is more playful–but you have to be able to steer it.

Everyone who fits in one and wants to play in a sea kayak should try a Romany.

i paddle a zephyr 155 its really alive. avocet.

i used to paddle a qaanaaq512 that is a very manouvreble kayak. and im waiting for the pintail.

the alchemy might be interesting…the avocet lv …propably super nice too…

Used and cheap
I suspect that you want a Pintail. But…

If you can find one, you should be a great fit for the original drop skeg Necky Elaho. They made it for two years, then made the hull into more of a tracker and stuck a rudder on it rather than the skeg. There are downsides - the hatches leak some and the boat is plastic so heavy as heck. But it is also plastic so you can bash rocks with it.

It is slow as heck, but it turns quite nicely and was a favorite rock gardening boat in at least one outfitter’s fleet when it first came out. This is also the only boat that I know of which will balance brace in a couple of positions, thanks to the diamond chining. (though one of them is under water so it’s questionably useful)

Also made in composite
Though the Elaho DS was first issued in poly, Necky also issued it in composite. There are a few around and I guess that the hatches in the composite leak less than the poly.

The original Elaho came with ww thigh braces and Bomber Gear backband. It also sported a rolling recess so that the rear coaming was lower than the aft deck and laying absolutely flat on the back deck was easy.

Necky Chatham 16 nm

Sterling Illusion
If there is a way to try an Illusion, do it.

You wont be sorry. I had TideRace Xplore S to go along with my Romany but ended up selling it because I always paddle the Romany. One more thing. Dont let anyone tell you it`s slow.

Gronseth Illusion?
George had a hell of a lot of input on that kayak and I believe deserves a lot of credit. Others did as well. Nothing against Sterling here, just credit being shared.