Suggested Alternative to Pungo 140?

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I have a Pungo 120 and am going to sell it for a 140. Here's why I like the Pungo design for my application...
Reason 1:I do a lot of photography, and it's very helpful for me to have a lot of gear accessible in the cockpit. While the console may seem "gentrified" to's of great use to me. Cockpit width is also perfect for me to prop my elbows in shooting position.
Reason 2: As a result of a long hockey career (to which I owe a great deal), I have lower back and hip injuries. It's invaluable to me to be able to change my position, stretch, and flex while sitting in the cockpit.
I am open to other boats, and have been checking out the Necky Manitou 14. There're only so many different types available locally to actually sit in, and so I'm asking here...any other boats I might consider? I would be happy with another Pungo, but if there's a higher performance boat that offers that level of body movement/storage I'd like to be aware.
Mostly rivers, lakes, tidal creeks, and some coastal stuff.
Thanks all!

Go with the

I think…
…you’re right…and thank you for responding. In a perfect world I’d be physically compatible with a variety of boats, but… The last thing I want to do is lose time on the water due to not being to sit in a cockpit that is to tight.

REI says WS is closing out the 140 in blue, so…I grabbed a new one cheap.

I’m happy.

I think you made a good choice.
I paddle one and met some outfitters and their clients this weekend.They were paddling coastal waters.The outfitters said they chose the 140 for the reasons you listed.

Although you picked
there are many possibilities. CD Solara 135 wil carry more weight. CD Kestrel 140 w rudder will have better glide.

Old Town
Since you want a boat with a large cockpit you may want to check a few of the Old Towns, but none have 2 bulkheads if that’s important to you.

Thank you…
…for the responses!

Yeah…I’m set and happy. If I had the opportunity to try a variety…

I hope to add another boat down the road, meanwhile, I’ll be looking to expand my experience.

We have a Necky Dolphin 14, and I’m a fan of their designs, so???

Anyway, thank you all once again!

Pungo 140
I am on my 3rd Pungo 140 - use it for coastal ME/NH fishing and photography. If you like your 120, you might love your 140; it will allow you to paddle further, a bit faster in search of photo subjects. After buying a SUV and growing older, my only problem with the 140 is its weight, car-topping has become a chore.

Have a
look at CD Kestrel and Perception Carolina 14’ers.I had the Pungo 140 and these two are the only other’s I would consider.

Thanks Bernie
Good to hear an opinion from a former Pungo owner, I will look into these two kayaks.