Suggestion for First Kayak Purchase

Considering a purchase of first kayak and need suggestions on what to buy as a beginner. I like the sit on’s and need something under 10ft so I can lift it myself. Need something stable, will be using on intercoastal, bay, rivers, lakes 3-4 hours at a time.

Look at this site

The Perception (Dagger) Torrent is a rugged boat that fits your spec’s but it doesn’t track well on its own and isn’t fast on calm waters. It is self-bailing.

There are more options in the Rec category that have large open cockpits and much better tracking like the Dirigo 10 or similar. A lot depends on what your goals are, how fast you want to go, and your weight range. Some 10 footers are a pig with over 200 lbs in them.