suggestion for first kayak,tall guy 6.6f

I will be on flat water most of the time. Some surfing on lake Michigan. I am 6.6ft tall, 220 lbs. Thanks for any input. P.s. size 15 shoe.

I am your size
and paddle a Impex Assateague and a Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145. Both are very good boats.

Your size 15 feet will be the most problem in boat fit as well as your inseam.

Wes Boyd has a website for big paddlers. Do a google search. The site is a little dated, but some good info for big boy paddlers.


tall boat
Big feet need room at the foot pedals and long legs need room to scoot down into cockpit…therefore deeper boats are sometimes the answer…13"-14" depth from keel to peak at front of cockpit. I am 6’ 7+" and have 15s…Necky Tesla, Current Design Titan or older Solstice XL are good performers…Some manufacturers boast “big/tall” boat but make them too beamy…therefore insist on a demo paddle for best fit!

list o’ boats
all of these are skeged boats, if you want a rudder you have some more boats to add to the list.

VCP Aquila

VCP Aquanaut HV/Argonaut

Impex Assateague

Impex Force 5

WS Tempest 180

Boreal Fjord (glass or plastic)

P&H Capella 17’9"

P&H Quest

Kajak Sport Viviane

Necky Chatham 18

A couple of additions
Eddyline NH 17.5

Necky Zoar Sport

The Eddyline has a boat load of room, your feet will be comfortable and I don’t think you’ll make the forward bulkhead. I’m 6’2’ and I have to almost lay down to reach it. Paddle first always sound avice.


Same size same shoe size
Wound up with a Perception Captiva, now a Carolina 16 just to have room for my toes. 6’6" 230 now and have been as high as 264. Good beginner kayak. Follow the link in my profile for pics. If the Tusnami will fit, another excellent choice for a beginner’s boat. I’m a firm believer in sealed compartments though rec kayaks do have their place. Have a couple of them also.

I forget the Nigel Foster Shadow

Doh! nothing like leaving a boat that you own off the list!

Same boat
I’m about your size. I’m 6’6" about 270 and both of my boats fit great. I have a Old Town Loon 138 for a rec boat that I usually loan out to people or take the little one out with me in. I also have an Old Town 160 XL. It has two bulkheads and a great hatch system. Very comfortable boat that is fairly quick. It is kind of wide (beamy) but very stable. I love the 160 and would definately recommend it to any big guy looking for a good boat. I have a size 15 shoe and that’s not a problem either with the high deck. Good luck and happy paddling.