Suggestion for newbies

Make sure to lubricate your camlock buckles.

Yesterday while putting some of my camlock buckle tie down straps away. It dawned on me that newer people to the sport might not know enough to lubricate the moving parts of the buckle on a periodic basis, and thought I would post it here as a friendly reminder.

Especially if you paddle in salt water.

They can and will get gunked up with dried salt or grit, and not work as they are supposed to.

Use a couple of shots of WD-40 or silicon lubricant, and work the cam a few times will keep them working good.



good reminder for oldbies too

Gopod idea Jack. Some of mine are

– Last Updated: Nov-29-09 3:37 PM EST –

several years old and have never been greased.I want them to work better than my typing.

I didn’t know that.

What Timing
I went to Lowe’s today and bought a ladder. I strapped it in the bed of my truck and one of the buckles wouldn’t grab the strap until I pushed on it. A little WD40 fixed it.

fresh water
In fresh water the webbing is usually shot from UV by the time they need lubed, time to toss them and buy new.

Bill H.

Great reminder . . .
Also use bow and stern tie-downs! :wink:

Especially with 26 foot long war canoes!


I always lube my truckers hitches
before I put 'em away.

And here all this time, I thought you…
were a oldbie !



NRS used to give them away.

When you placed a order with them.
I have a half dozen freebies that came from them, and some of those were the ones I was using the WD-40 on the other day.



Good reminder for winter too! (nm)

I’m sure those buckles are all made in China. I have had them break.

Always use at least 3 strap/rope attachments on your boat.

Thanks for the tip.