Suggestion outfitting for a Mohawk Rodeo

Hi, I have a Mohawk Rodeo that doesn’t have any outfitting. I need to start from scratch. Any recomendations? I was thinking about Mike Yee outfitting. (Mohawk is sold out of theirs.) I saw the North Waters adjustable system, but do not know anything about it. Similar to Voyageurs but cheaper. And last but not least what about the Perception Whitewater Saddle? It’s the molded plastic saddle with a dry storage area inside. Suggestions? Anyone have anything for sale?

Personally, I wouldn’t like a plastic saddle. Go with foam som you can carve it as desired.

NorthWater hardware (foam, d-rings, straps, toe cups, etc.) is good stuff, for fixed saddles or adjustable.

I have removeable saddles in a tandem/solo boat (Vertige X) and they cinch down very securley to the anchor strips, no problem.

NorthWater’s 3-hole anchors are also good because you can adjust how aggressive you want your thigh straps.

If you do get some NorthWater gear it also comes with some measurement guidance on doing the outfitting.


Perception… ugh
I’ve got (older)friends who use the perception saddle and are quite happy.

IMO it’s pretty heavy and the thigh hooks will keep your knees closer to the center than I like.

I can’t coment on the Northwater except that it has a good rep. I see a lot of Mike Yee outfitting that looks pretty nice and Voyager outfitting that is not too bad. With any of those the installation is key.

You might want to take a look at for some outfitting ideas. Seems to me that a Rodeo would be a good candidate for a console.


FWIW…Beluga’s single unit setup looks very interesting. I’m thinking of giving that a shot…