Suggestions for a light & fast 17 footer

I own a Surge kayak (17’10" which weighs in at 38 lbs) and knifes through Long Island Sound chop.

I’m looking for suggestions for a similar length and weight boat that’s equally fast for my wife but one that comes with a retractable skeg for my wife. (she likes having a skeg)

Do you know of such a boat that you’d recommend for exteneded day tripping?


QCC 600: 16’8", Carbon 38lb, kevlar/carbon 42lb, kevlar 46lb

Outer Island in Kevlar

Maybe Force 3
Depends on her size, but the

Force 3 is ideally sized for truly smaller paddlers and it is fast.

A Surge, install a skeg…

BBK Valkyrie–but no skeg
The Betsie Bay valkyrie is light (30 lbs), 17ft long, and pretty fast. But no skeg, even though I haven’t found one necessary. They’re fun boats.

My wife and I have Wilderness Systems Tempest Pro (glass) kayaks, 165 (hers) and 170 (mine) which come with retractable skegs standard. We like them very much.