Suggestions for a PFD

I’m wanting to get a better PFD, for my safety, but more so for the safety of my son (and other people I’m with). If I need to go in after him, I want to have a good PFD.

I’m wanting something low profile, and that has a thin back. I usually canoe flat water since that is what is closest to me. But I take a few trips a year to some mild whitewater.

I also use a GCI sitbacker since I have a few back problems. So I’d like the PFD to not make my seat uncomfortable if possible.

I’ve been looking at at the NRS Vista or the Extrasport Chica. I’d like to keep it under $75 if possible.



Lotus Quietwater
Try the Lotus quietwater. The whole lower back is mesh, the upper back is floatation. My husband has back problems, and he really likes his. It looks kind of funky at first, but it works.

Ilike pockets and leave it unzipped and buckled. About $20 at discount store.

Stohlquist ASea
BE CAREFUL! I just read that the Lotus Quietwater has been recalled by the manufacturer. It has something to do with not providing the amount of bouyancy required by the USCG.

My wife and I use the Stohlquist A-Sea PFD’s, and I really like these. They are specially made for highback seats with mesh halfway up the rear side to avoid that uncomfortable “bunching” at the lower back. They have 4 snap closures on front and two pockets. Give 'em a look.

Astral is nice
Everything aside, one thing draws me to Astral PFDs… their floatation material is made from recycled materials. Maybe it’s just my Treehuggin’, Sierra Club supportin’ ways, but that means alot to me.


Yes, the new Astrals are nice…
My mainstay has been a Lotus Sherman. Less bulky in front…


What about a NRS Mystic PFD?

Friend has a new one with tags still on it for $45.

Anyone seen/heard about this one?