suggestions for a touring kayak

Hi, I have just sold my Nordkapp RM Enthusiast - too much capacity for the day trips that I tend to do. any suggestions for a touring kayak?

I weigh 150lbs and have intermediate skills and paddle coastal waters.

I was thinking Aquanaut LV, Avocet, Capella 160, P+H scorpio LV, SKUK Romany, but other ideas gratefully received.

Thanks for your time.

you asked
Tempest 165

Zephyr 155



If you liked the feel of your Nordkapp
maybe you should consider a Nordkapp LV? Fun quick capable boat.

RM Necky Chatham 17


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Composite or RM?

The composite version of the Necky Eliza is a nice small person's boat.

The composite Avocet is pretty big in terms of cockpit fit -- the RM Avocet and the composite Aquanaut LV are snugger.

Day Boat
Living in the U.K. I would join a club and paddle kayaks from other members then decide. You have many excellent choices. Valley,NDK etc. A Romany, Avocet, or Anas Acuta would be my first test paddles.


thanks for ideas - appreciated

I’m 150 lbs. and love my Aquanaut LV

I’m 163 lbs and love my Valley Aquanuat LV

The new…
…P&H Scorpio looks like a beauty. It comes in both high and low volume versions. Is 16’ 10" and is basically the poly version of the Cetus. It’s a bit sleeker/faster than the 160.

You mentioned the 160. I have the 160 and like it a lot. If I was buying now I’d check out the Scorpio.

Island Kayaks Qaarsut
if you are lucky - you will be able to find one. Low volume, responsive and great fun.