Suggestions for canoe trip? Southeast


I am trying to figure out a spot to go canoeing for a 3day/2night trip. I will be going with my girlfriend so I’m looking for a somewhat calm river. Also, maybe a river where there is some good fishing, and some scenic views, and obviously places to camp out on the bank.

I don’t own a canoe, so I would have to rent one. So a river with an outfitter would be nice.

I live in Atlanta, so I’m willing to drive a good 4 or 5 hours for the trip.

Thanks in advance!


Ebenezer Creek
I haven’t paddled this yet (plan to in the next couple of weeks). I’ve seen pictures of it and it is absolutely beautiful. Surrounded by thousand year old cyprus trees. It’s about a 7 mile trip one way, but the water is calm enough to go either way, making for a nice 14 mile round trip.

Ebenezer creek is located just outside Rincon, GA. It empties into the Savannah River.

roanoke river
roanoke river trail in eastern north carolina has all of the ingredients you list. camping is on wooden chickees. not to be missed. see (maybe .com). well worth the trip. -harry

Suwannee River
Rt.6- Spirit of Suwanee Music Park

easy 2 night and 3 day trip…about 50 miles.

outfitter and shuttle…since they are at the end you do not have to worry about parking or meeting them

What’s that river right by Chattanooga? The tennessee? I thought that looked nice? Maybe start 2-3 days up that and get a pickup in chattanooga?

lots in Georgia.

and the Alapaha

Those all look really good. Thanks for the info. Can’t wait to get out on the water.

Ebenezer Update

– Last Updated: Apr-25-08 5:05 AM EST –

Not sure I'd travel 4 or 5 hours now to paddle the Ebenezer. We had a landowner clear cut all the trees down to the waters edge for a mile or so between Tommy Long Landing and Ebenezer Landing. A tornado also dropped a lot of trees into the creek a few weeks back as well as downed several high tension towers that were close by.

I live in Atlanta and I know the rivers around here. I can send you on a 3 to 49 day trip from your back yard.

Give me a call 404-545-6633.

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Some ideas
The Tennessee West of Chattanooga goes through national forest with camping spots. I believe if you google Tennessee Blueway or Tennessee River Gorge, you should get some results:

There are several places to camp on the Chattahoochee in various places.

The Toccoa is beautiful and only a couple of hours north from you. Start at Deep Hole, and there’s plenty of camping along the river, especially near the suspension bridge for the Benton McKay Trail.

Start at Deep hole campground, but it’s only really an over night paddle. (some class 2 rapids here)

Lake Joccassee’s not too far and they have a paddle in only campground.

Here’s another Toccoa link