Suggestions for destination.

I am looking for suggestions on a paddling/camping destination for the first week of April. Calm water, slow river or lake. The group would be 4 Adults (unless anyone else want to tag a long) and 1 three year old (hence the calm, slow requirement). As I live in the Northeast I and some of the people live in Ohio I don’t think that either home State is the right choice for the group. I want it to be an easy non butt freezing experience so that the others will wish to do like activities in the future. As always any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.


try Potomac
Potomac River is quite good and the upper sections are not that far from Ohio. The C + O Canal National Park on river left has nice primative camp sites. The trip from Pawpaw bends trip is exceptional.

Thanks. I will check this out.
Any other suggestions out there?


Be a little more specific
on the state(s) where you might want to paddle and I’ll bet you will get a lot more replies.

There is a lot of territory between “Ohio” and the “North east”

Also are you willing to head south? -Virginia, NC, SC ??

cheers, and Happy New Year


Southeastern Virginia
Consider the tidewater area of Virginia. Many options for salt and fresh water paddling. Abundant camping, both private and public. First week of April should have high temperatures between 60 and 70. Full spring blooming peaks about the 15th with the dogwood. Before that there is plenty of color. If the weather turns sour, the Williamsburg/Jamestown/Yorktown triangle has a lot to see.

Not too particular.
I would like to keep it on the Eastern side of the country and Mid-Atlantic area for convenience. I will consider all though. I am also thinking about going through an outfitter/guide to get a better chance at a good result. If it was just me I wouldn’t worry, but as I said before, I would like to make it an enjoyable experience in order to increase the chance of repeatability.


Top 40 Trips
Check out this link. Lots of useful info about extended paddling trips all over the US. Most are geared toward flatwater and you can search by region.

This might be
too long of a drive but give the Current river in MO a thought. The weather should be breaking by then and the views along the river are great.

Just an a thought

check this…

Join us at the Jocassee Rendezvous
in northeast SC.

What are the dates for this year?

NC / VA Line on the coast…

Try Platform camping on the Roanoke River…

The JR is April 27-29 ,2007 at Devil’s
Fork State Park, SC.

I just found out today that…
part of the group is locked into the first week of April. I might be able to free up some time and check that out. It is a bit of a trip though and the place I am now working has the “no vacation” culture. They even work the holidays we get paid for. I am starting to stick out a bit as I like to take my vacation time.