Suggestions for new Kayak

I just received a new Pelican Zest sit on

(although they say its a sit in) Kayak.

I unwrapped it from my living room and it

looked okay. I decided to sit in it and

try out the seat (on a carpeted floor) and

I noticed that as my wrist was leaning on

the upper edge of the kayak near the seat,

my weight caused the plastic to bow in.

I cannot get this “dimple” out without drilling

a hole and popping it out someway.

I weigh about 180lbs but their website says

this kayak should hold someone up to 250lbs.

My first reaction is to send it back but oh boy…

that’s a headache.

Should I even bother trying to drill s hole to pop

it out? I’m afraid it will easily happen again.

I’m not sure how common this sorta thing is.

Anyone else have a suggestion? Thanx!

It’s a 9’ kayak…
Don’t drill a hole but return it.

Get something larger for your weight.

If they will take it back, send it back.

If not, a dimple in the hull is not going to affect the “performance”. Next time buy a better quality boat used from Craigslist for the same price.

Leave it out in the sun
The heat should pop it out unless there is a hard crease. Agree with other comments too though, as that area shouldn’t dent that easily. If it had been hull or other larger area, same thing (sun) or a good old fashioned toilet plunger.

Can you send it back?
Your profile says your favorite paddling place is Lake Maitland, and that boat is not the best choice for that kind of paddling, although it would be fun to take down Juniper Creek.

Have you been to Mosquito Creek Outdoors in Apopka? They have a large selection of rec kayaks, and also some beautiful Vermont canoes. And a large demo pool that they will be happy to let you paddle in, which will at least give you an idea of whether the boat fits. They are closed on Sunday and Monday.

I paddle frequently and extensively in this area. Email me if I can help.

Learn what you are doing first
If you go for another kayak off of no more information than what a website offers, and you being apparently a newbie, you’re most likely to end up with another less than perfect choice. I suggest that you start by visitng the place that Sissy recommends, figure out how these things work and then make a boat purchase.

Pelican POS. Send it back.
Try before you buy!!!

Thanx everyone
I went to a canoe and kayak festival a couple

of months ago and this was one of the kayaks

I had tested…I liked it as well as a few others

but this kayak had the best price overall.

Of course, the one I tested didn’t have the

ding in the hull like the one I just got in the mail.

I also own a 13’ sit-in touring kayak. Its great for

going straight but its not very maneuverable in

the water. I specifically got this type because

it can be maneuvered better. I want to try my

hand at kayak surfing in the ocean and everything

I have read and seen says a 13’ touring kayak

is NOT the way to go. This is why I got this kayak.

Thanx for the suggestions. I decided to send it

back and get another one of the same kind. They

are paying for all shipping plus giving me a 10%

credit for my troubles.

Not clear yet…
I had a 17 plus ft NDK Explorer (LV) in surf a couple of weeks ago, along with a number of others in 16’ plus kayaks. Yes a WW would have been a little spiffier out there, but there were plenty of rides in the long boats too.

So yeah a huge cockpit transition boat isn’t going to be a great idea in surf. But this Pelican may not be any better idea - at the least you aren’t going to get much benefit out of the cup holder…

If you want to surf
Look for a used Cobra Strike, Wilderness Systems Kaos or Ocean Kayak Rapido. They go for about $300 used on craigslist. Anyone of those three would be much much better than the pelican for surfing. Used Ocean Kayak Frenzy is pretty easy to find too and would be great for what you want to do. All four of those boats are well designed and durable.