Suggestions for rec kayak suitable outings on PEI?

So we’re now on PEI for the next couple days - I see a few launch points on the app, but I can’t be sure which ones may be flat/quiet/interesting waters that are ok for rec kayaks/beginner level.
Any recommendations?

that you are familiar with the tides and winds and interactions of both and that you understand the consequences of walking in quicksand at low tide. Clam flats act as quicksand if the tide is out. Also that you know what the tidal currents are in your area . Some areas have tidal currents so quick it is impossible to paddle against them. Sea kayakers usually spend a few days just WATCHING the water they are interested in.

New London Bay or Malpeque Bay? Both are fairly shallow, but be careful where they open up into the ocean as there can be some strong currents.

Better still, give Anne at Malpeque Bay Kayak Tour a call (902 266 5706). She’s been in business there for many years, runs an excellent tour operation and knows the area very well.

@kfbrady Thanks again. Looks like we won’t have a chance to kayak after all. Another site seeing day today, rain tomorrow, then we head to Cape Breton Wed. Oh well.