Suggestions for trout fishing?


I’m new to kayak fishing, and trying to figure out what the preferred bait/lures are for trout. I usually bank fish. Have been using Kastmaters, power bait, and grubs. Any suggestions for my initial kayak fishing excursions?


Exact same baits and tactics, just
some advantages over shore fishing.

Lakes: You can get to the holes and fish vertical jigs. You can cast towards shore, and reel towards the boat, which is more natural a presentation for baitfish, from cover our to open water.

Rivers/Streams: You can get to sandbars, islands, and other places where shore access is not availabe, and fish pools more effectively, targetting the cloest areas and working further into the hole with each subsequent cast.

Good luck, and have fun.


A few other choices…
that are probably better than the Kastmasters…

It depends a bit on what kind of waters you’re fishing. But if you are fishing streams or rivers, I’d never use Kastmasters or other heavy spoon-type lures, though they are good for lakes.

For rivers…small in-line spinners, like Mepps, Rooster Tails, or Panther Martins. Small diving crankbaits like the Rapala Shad-Raps. 2-3.5 inch long minnow imitating lures like floating and Countdown Rapalas, or suspending lures like the Lucky Craft Pointer (expensive but good). All but the Pointer are fished simply by casting and reeling them in, but the Pointer is fished by reeling for a couple feet and pausing, reeling and pausing. All are easy to fish and all will catch all kinds of trout in rivers and streams.

Lazy man’s way.
I just hang a lure over the back and troll. Works pretty good. Kastmaster works, Lil Cleo, Phoebe, small minnow plugs and crawfish. Sometimes spinners do great too. This time of year you have to get down deeper or keep near incoming cool water. Good luck.

You don’t say anything
about location or type of water. For that matter, type of trout either. Stocker rainbows will eat just about anything. Greenback cutthroat are a little more picky. Around here the most successful trout fishermen use flies. If you can’t fly fish you might try a fly with a bobber. Use the clear bobber that you can fill with a bit of water for weight but it still can float. Again, the species of trout, time of year, location, and even weather will dictate which fly might be best. I tend to use an imitation of what ever lands on me on my way sneaking up to the creek or beaver pond. The same would hold true for in the kayak. Use the fly like the bug that you find out there.

Where are you fishing

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Dear Mindfulscience ,

Just like the poster preceding me suggested, in order to provide a good answer to your trout fishing it would help to know where you are fishing?

Rivers, streams, lakes, or ponds? Likewise, stocked or wild trout?

Not knowing the answers my short list of go to trout lures are in-line spinners like Mepps or Vibrax, and minnow plugs like Rebels or Rapalas. They will work in moving or still water.

Give me more info and I;ll give you more ideas.


Tim Murphy AKA Goobs