Suggestions for wheel cart for kayak

Husband LOVES his Jackson Tripper 12, and it works great fior him and his dog. He is looking to find the most suitable wheeled dolly/cart to help him move this 65 lb. beast on longer access trails or carries. Thanks for any suggestions offered!

I made this one for a Sunfish…

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But then narrowed it to carry kayaks. It's very rugged.

does he want to pack it and take it in kayak at end of trail?

Portages less than 3/4 mile, and carries to the water of about 100-200 yards…

There are many folding carts made for kayaks, but most are expensive and don’t fold into a small package for stowage.
The best ideas I’ve seen involve modifying a golf bag cart with some straps and a bracket or two.
The best part being that the carts fold up into a very small package.
Use Google to look for ideas