Suggestions on backbands

I need to swap out a backband on a Boreal Ellesmere. Didn’t know what backbands might work best in a boat where the seat is mounted quite far back in the cockpit, not allowing much space between the backband and the cockpit rim.

Try usin minicell foam shaped to fit?

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2nd that!!
Mine is still a work in progress and I find I shave a fraction more each time I go out for a long paddle, but even as a rough ‘block of foam’ it worked better than any backband I’ve tried. That’s just my personal taste, but it’s a very inexpensive option to experiment with.



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Where do you buy a block of minicell?
Never mind. Found it at NRS.
How do you shave minicell?

With a Bic disposable
Not really - Use a Stanley Shureform tool, then sandpaper. I like drywall screen because it clears dust easily. And wear a dust mask for large jobs! Dragonskin works well too - but is impossible to find in big box hardware stores. NRS sells it.


and don’t shave your face with a Shureform.