Suggestions on traditional Inuit kayak?

I’m a larger paddler (6’2"/200#/size 12 feet)looking for a manufactured kayak styled along traditional inuit lines. It seems like the Romany, VCP’s Anas Acuta, and others are all build for the smaller person, but us larger paddlers have feeling too. I’m looking for any recommendations on a West Greenland style kayak for day tripping in rough water, easy to roll, and built for the larger seal catcher.

Arctic Hawk
If you go to the original designers site, I believe he builds several different sizes.

WS Caribou is another possiblity.

Of course you could build an SOF.


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Lots of folks will build SOFs to order.

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Why would you take the first name of Maliqiaq Padilla as your PNET handle - a renowned Greenland Kayaking champion? Related? Soul mate?

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Check out
Betsie Bay Manitou. Betsie Bay kayaks are closer to Inuit design than the boats you mentioned. Love my Valkyrie though for my size I should have an Aural.

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Traditional kakyak
Rather than lookinhg for a mamufactured tradational, consider having a real one made to your specs. There is a guy in Oregon that will make one for you for about $2000. Better yet, he will made a kit to your specs, then ship everything to you to assemble and skin for less than $1000.

Search on the net for “Monkcraft”, or go to

Greenland boat
Take a look at the Nigel Foster Legend or Silhouette. They have hard chines but Brit deck layout with large oval hatches and a compass recess.

Sealskin over whalebone?

Have you tried an Anas or Romany?
My husband with one smaller shoe size, an inch less height and not a whole lot of pounds less than you paddles a Romany very comfortably, also can in an Anas. I would be surprised if you couldn’t fit into these boats.

Arctic Hawk
Check out the Arctic Hawk, I am 6’4" 225lbs. with size 14 feet and owned an Arctic Hawk for 8 or nine years. Put a lot of miles on it. Fun boat. Snug fit for me, but that is what I wanted. The CD Caribou should fit well too.