Suggestions? Quality Deck Bag

I am looking for a Deck Bag with bottle holders that will last me some time. I am thinking about the Chinook Aquatidal 25 Deck Bag but wanted to see if there is better options out there before I commit. I rather spend more on quality than buy twice.

Thanks for any suggestions!

I gave up on bottle holders awhile ago and just use a hydro ration bladder in a North Water Peaked Deck Bag. Space to spare and external nets for a few cliff bars.

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This is what I use. Holds the water bottle, pump, maps etc. Very well made.

Too big for me to have on top, but I just took a look and noticed it says water-resistant. Not water proof. Which means it will start leaking at some point in heavy use. Anything electronic would need a good rating there or be in a dry case. Also sandwiches.
Does this match your needs?

I agree that something as huge as the recommendations above just gets in the way of paddling. It also eliminates the ability to keep a chart on the foredeck. I’m a firm believer in keeping the deck as clean as possible. I use a hydration pack rather than water bottles and find that it’s much more convenient and consequently I stay hydrated better.

@bnystrom - what are you using for the hydration pack?

An alternative to a deck bag for your water bottle is to place a bungie water bottle net underneath your deck.
I purchased a cheap, small bungie net at Walmart and cut it down to fit under my deck in front of me. Glued a piece of neoprene above it to keep my 1 liter Nalgene bottle from easily sliding out. I freeze half a liter of water in the bottle days before using it and fill the rest with cool water the day I paddle. I then put it the bottle in a Koverz liter neoprene insulator and it stays ice cold most of the day. As you can tell I hate drinking warm water.
The only downside is it’s difficult to get to when it’s rough since you have to loosen your spray skirt to access it.

I actually just made a very simple pack out of neoprene, which attaches to my PFD using bungee cord. In that, I use a hydration reservoir that you can buy at any outdoor store. It’s worked great for several years.

If you’re not the DIY type, there are commercial packs that will do the trick. Kokatat makes 1.5-liter pack that’s pretty pricey at $89, but the Camelback Unbottle comes in 2-liter and 3-liter sizes at $47 and $50 respectively and they should be pretty easy to attach to a PFD and you can probably find them on sale if you shop around online.