Sumer Trip advise

I’m getting ready for some upcoming vacation and i’m looking for advise on places to paddle as well as renting sea kayaks in these spots.

San Francisco CA

Santa Cruz CA

Nantucket MA

Thanks so much!


Lots of places
Santa Cruz… Kayak connection rents out of SC Harbor. Monterrey Bay Kayaks and Kayak Connection rent out of Moss Landing and Elkhorn Slough is a pretty cool, protected place to paddle. In San Francisco, City Kayak rents on the bayside waterfront. SeaTRek rents out of Sausalito. In SF Bay, tour boat operators are assholes and have a reputation to regard kayaks as speed bumps. Going out the Golden Gate, the waters can be rough, cold and with fast moving currents and strong winds, treacherous. Make sure you check weather and current tables.

Thanks i will look all those places up.


San Francisco Option
My personal favorite for the San Francisco area is Pt. Reyes…a mere 40 miles from the City. There are two excellent paddling venues that offer beautiful, natural scenery along the shores of Pt. Reyes National Park…Tomoles Bay and Drakes Estero. Kayaks can be rented in the community of Inverness situated on the shore of Tomoles Bay. As a photojournalist, you will definitely want to bring your camera along!

Thanks… nantucket?
Thanks for the advise. Any places in Nantucket to paddle?