Summer came back!

79 degrees today in SW MI and 75 yesterday, Sure feels nice after a 3 day period of sustained high wind gusts and cold rain along with an early winter storm warning.

Paw Paw river yesterday. I had an amazing close encounter with some river otters near the spot shown in this pic when they decided to pop up near my boat to get a good look at me and say hi.

Pic of Lake Michigan in a warm, calm, friendly mood yesterday. Earlier in the week the local evening news was showing live cam shots of the waves hitting piers and spouts of water shooting up 20 feet.

St Joseph river today. Water levels back up to normal for the time of year (around 2500 cfs). I think the colors may be just past peak but I’m not sure.


Pretty pictures!

A spectacular day up here in northern Mi as well. After clearing falling leaves and stacking some of the five cord of wood delivered yesterday, took a work break and did a short paddle here at home.

While it was windy, gusting up to 20 mph, I was grateful for such wonderful weather and scenery. Noticed a Bald Eagle perched high in a tree watching me paddle by; there were also Canada geese, various ducks and a Great Blue Heron spooked by my presence.

No pictures; maybe tomorrow as the forecast calls for another great day.

Glad to hear that you’re getting out.

Paddling tomorrow sounds like a good idea!

I feel like someone dumped sour milk in my cereal. We not only have warm temps and sun, but a plethora of surfable waves for the past week. More is expected for the upcoming week (I’ll be on the west coast though). I can’t get out there because my boat hauler/car is in the shop because I got rear-ended several weeks back. Turned out to be more damage than had been initially assessed. So the car has been in the shop for two weeks now waiting on parts. Won’t get it until I return from a trip next week. With my recent luck (or lack of), the waves will be gone by then.

Given the sunshine and warm temps today, I loaded up by e-bike with my surf rod, fishing gear and waders and leisurely pedaled out to my local break. No fish caught but it was nice to see breaking waves, boardie surfers and marvel at the gifts of mother nature. :slight_smile:

A day afield with a fishing rod in hand can ground me in the “present moment” as well as a paddle in the hands. :slight_smile:




We’re enjoying fall with very dry cool weather. Mid 40s to 50s at night, mid 70s daytime.
The drought is getting concerning. Lakes are down and we’re losing perennials .

Today was my third or fourth “last” trip, and the best conditions of any trip this year. Air 61°, water 58°, wind minimal with virtually no waves.

Since recovering from a shoulder injury a few years ago, this trip officially closes my second summer season. Today I was able to get within 1/4 mph of best time over the same distance as logged twelve years ago. Next year I intend to match or maybe exceed the record. Rather amazing, considering that I hadn’t even considered returning to kayaking, until I came across the forum while repairing a boat for my nephew. Reading the posts rekindled my interest. Many thanks.

Mahalo right back at ya sing. Hope your e-bike travels are on safe paths.

Sounds like perfect weather to me.

What a great post jyak. Congrats to you and thanks for sharing such positive thoughts.

Coincidentally, I hadn’t timed myself in a long while and yesterday I just noticed that it seemed like I went about 8 miles in about 2 hours (which pleased me…half of it is upstream) so I thought about your comments and took my GPS with me today to start checking myself again.

TomL, it just shows the positive force of the forum. The forum prepares us for the time on the water.