Summer Mosquitoes in Mobile/Ten Delta

Curious? I have been paddled in the Mobile/Tensaw Delta in January and still encountered mosquitoes. Just how bad are they in June and is it worth going there to camp in the summer?

I’ll bet they are wild
I was on the Jug Lake Platform in the Tensaw Delta Oct 31/Nov 1 and they were wild then. Didn’t have any repellant or the smoking incense but it was GREAT to be there.

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spray bottle of it used to spray on the chickee’s, gear etc…they hate it…try it at home…spray your deck just before a cookout…it drives the skeeters away…

Thanks John. I will try this very soon on the deck. Wish I had read this when you posted it. After shucking about 9 dozen oysters and grilling shrimp all day at the house, we could have used a dash of listerine on our bodies and clothes to mask the scent of oyster liquor.

G_K, did you check out the indian mounds off of Bottle Creek? That is an amazing place down there.

No I didn’t

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I'll go there soon when it is good and hot (July or Aug). I had a great trip and couldn't see everything besides I wasn't near there. I took a cut off and really didn't know where anything was. All maps were confusing but now they say they have better ones. I have one that I made for the entire Delta area.

...and I'll take some Listerine. If you don't hear from me the Listerine didn't work and the mosquitoes got me cause they were really bad Oct 30.

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