Summer Movie About the Sea

“Race to Alaska”, if l heard right l caught only the second showing ever of this indy film. Film covers moments from this race since 2015.

It is a simply ridiculous, dangerous whatever floats race up the inside passage. From bigger faster sailboats to modified Hobie cat and a guy on a SUP. 750 miles.

If you have a chance to see it, take it.

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IIRC, 2015 was the inaugural R2AK and it did attract an odd, extremely varied assortment of vessels, some of which quickly fell apart or otherwise failed to make it even a few miles from the start.

A lot of people spent a lot of money on a pipe dream. Others actually prepared themselves and their gear to make a serious stab at finishing.

I was living in PT at the time. The descriptions of the participants and their boats was, umm, amusing. After the first couple of years, the funky-chicken weird variety narrowed down to a more sensible range of possibilities.