Summer spray skirt

The summer heat and humidity is really getting noticeable in the DC area. The only skirt I have (so far) is all-neoprene and for the first time the other day I noticed that because of the heat it’s trapping in the boat my legs are sweating. The drops of sweat running down my legs is irritating and it’s just too warm inside the cockpit. I could go without a skirt at all since I’ve only once gone swimming accidentally (and I haven’t learned how to roll just yet) but I’d at least like to have the option of having a good summer-type skirt instead of going without one at all or just going all-neoprene.

So … I’m in the market for something cooler. I’ve seen coated nylon skirts - they seem to be pretty cheap and I’m worried that the fact that they’re coated will mean the heat in the cockpit will only get worse. I think I need soemthing breathable and I’ve seen several breathable nylon skirts. Some are all-nylon with a stay across the cockpit opening to keep the deck from collapsing and a bungee or elastic around the waist, and/or suspenders. Others have a breathable nylon deck and a neoprene tunnel. Still others have a neoprene deck, partial nylon tunnel, and a 3"-4" neoprene waistband. And still others have a nylon deck and tunnel and a neoprene waistband.

Too many choices so I thought I’d lean on the more experienced paddlers for suggestions and advice. Money is an object and it isn’t - I may not be able to afford the absolute very best but I know to avoid the cheap stuff. I’d like to buy this one time and have it last for several years.

What say you?

Immersion Research Excursion skirt

It has thinner neoprene on top, which is also a lighter color. I am assuming the lighter color won’t absorb as much solar energy (heat).

The waistband is breathable, but a good part of it will probably be under your PFD - meaning it might not be that breathable after all. That is a common problem with breathable fabrics and kayaking - they don’t work well when covered with either a neoprene skirt or a PFD. They also don’t work as well when the outside is wet.

I like this one

Being in DC
I know what you are talking about. Paddling in the evenings or early mornings seems to be no problem for me. But mid-day - definitely I can feel the sweat drops crawling down my legs.

I’m thinking a half skirt might work. Something like this:

The problem with a half-skirt however is that on my kayaks if I do a lot of edging, water tends to come over the cockpit rim and I’m not sure if this half skirt would be sufficient to keep it out - never tried one… With it on however, even an accidental capsize and a subsequent roll should not let too much water in - should be less compared to wet exit and re-entry…