Summersong sliding seat slides too much

I added a little lube to the slide tubes because it was too difficult to adjust. Now it slides too easily even after I wiped the excess lube off. I can’t foot brace or even push on the rudder pedals withoutthe seat moving.

I need to retain the sliding capability because I slide the seat all the way back for portaging, but position in about the middle for paddling

I’d somewhere in the past few months that some paddlers use a type of spring clamp placed on the slide tube behind the seat to prevent it from sliding rearward after adjusting it to the desired trim. I haven’t been able to find any local sources for these clips.

Please suggest your solutions to this problem and where I can purchase these solutions.


I use pipe strap clamps.

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You can get a package of stainless steel ones at Lowes. They are the ones used to connect flexable pipe to a solid fitting.
I weld a washer into the screw head slot as the key handle to tighten and loosen it.
If you do soldering at all, just get a cylinder of MAPP gas and the rods and make as many as you want.
Hopefully the tubing on your sliding seat is bolted down, in which case just undo one of the bolts and slide the clamp on.
If you don't do welding, just use a coin or small screw driver.


Thanks for that tip JackL.
I don’t do any welding, but I could probably find someone that does. I’d like to be able to adjust the seat position while paddling, so whatever solution I end up with would need to be able to be done one-handed. I may try a screw tightened clamp if I can’t find the pinch release type.

I thought I’d read about some pinch release clamps that slip over the tube and are tight until you pinch a couple tabs together to relase the clamp. I believe that they were some kind of hose clamp, but they’re no longer sold in the automotive stores around here.

pinch clamps
Our local boat shop carries them. They look like the same thing that is sold in weight lifting departments to facilitate quick changes of weights. I think I’ve seen them sold on the web as well. If I have a chance to check later, I’ll post what, if anything, I find. Oh, and Wenonah might be some good folks to check with. That’s what their seats use.

Thanks c2g.
I’ll check with the local sporting goods stores for the weightlifting pinch clamps. We don’t have any boating stores around here - just outdoors stores that sell boats.

clamp source
Okay, I found them. Go to and look in their accessories section. $3.50 apiece, and they also have other goodies to spend your money on :slight_smile:

Thanks for that link c2g.

Bought some weight lifting pinch clamps
at a local sporting goods store and they appear to fit the slide tubes just fine. I hope to try them out tomorrow if it’s stopped raining. It’s raining today. $3.99 for two pinch spring clips isn’t too bad if they do the job.

Thanks for the suggestions.

just need one
I think you probably only need one. That’s all I’ve had on my Wenonah solos and it has worked just fine. I should have mentioned that before. And the lube will get a bit less slippery after the first few outings, so together you should have the problem licked.

Yeah, they came in a pair.
I’d only planned to use one unless just one didn’t work.

I was also thinking that these could be used on one end of the slide tubes instead of the cotter pins so that the seat height adjustment could be changed easier. Hey wildwater, have you tried this on your Summersong?

The weight lifting clamp did the trick.
One clip holds the seat position very firmly and greatly improves the paddling experience. It’s very nice to be able to push against the seat without it moving backwards.

Glad it worked. Hope you log a lot of enjoyable miles in the boat!