Summertime "Waveski Touring"

We are now in our sixth day of a heat wave in southern New England. Yuck… I live in NE because I am not a fan of hot weather.

So, we have been getting 11 second swells in MassBay. Too bad these were only in the one foot plus range… But it’s enough to lure me out with the waveski. The last several days, I have doing a “tour” of the 3 mile length of the beach. Paddle, roll, and try catch the occaisonal larger than average wave. I just needed to “outfit” the waveski with a water bottle to avoid dehydration.

With water in place, I was ready to take on heat and sun of the 3 hour paddle down Nantasket Beach to Allerton Point and back.

Not exactly surfing as I would like, but the waveski was a much cooler and enjoyable option than my SINK, as a respite from the heat.

Hopefully, cooler temps will prevail next week and I can resume more typical workouts in the gym. Of course, if we should get some decent waves, the beach would beckon even more. :slight_smile:


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It is so hot here the only times to get out are early and late. My truck thermometer read 100° at 2pm yesterday. That was on the road so the real temp was probably only 98.

The pics I posted was the beach BEFORE 8 AM. It was crowded and would be even more so were it not for the fact that tide was still coming in to take away more sand covered real estate.

We hit 100 degrees today in Boston. It’s a record breaker and, along with our current drought, a harbringer of more unpleasant summers ahead for New England.


Welcome to the south Sing. These temps aren’t that unusual for us.

I’ve been doing some long trips . It was 112 last weekend in Southern Utah when I stopped for the night at my friends house. Last summer it was 119. So we were happy for the cooler weather. This week I’m in the Bay area and it is quite pleasant. I went to the beach this morning with my grandsons and the water felt like about like high 50s . Hoping to get back home soon and do some surfing, San Diego has been getting some good south swells. With the current trend in summers we are afraid our farm in Northern Utah will soon be a dustbowl. Temperatures are near 100 for weeks at a time and the wind blows constantly 10 -20 miles an hour. When my wife and I were growing up there, summers usually only got into the low 80s.

Last time I was in Salt Lake City has got to be over 20 years ago. I remember flying in and seeing the vast body of water that was the great Salt Lake. Antelope Island was exactly that… a prominent island surrounded by blue/green water. Today, pics show Salt Lake having loss more than half of its water surface. Antelope Island is no longer such. It is a prominent rise of land surrounded by white sand and salt.

I am supposed to be in the Bay area this October for a work convening somewhere in Sonoma. I almost dread what I might see in changes to the area.

Hope you get home soon. Have been seeing some sick San Diego surf in recent YouTube videos. Enjoy.