sun canopy

I live in florida so the sun is severe. Are there canopies made for kayaks and even inflatable kayaks.

I doubt it.
You could rig something. I just wear a light weight long sleeve tee shirt when paddling. I don’t need any sun exposure. If I’m in my SOT I wear a pair of surgical scrubs pants.

JT in central FL

On some of the photos of Verlin Kruger he had a sun shade rigged up over him. I believe it is an option on the Kruger boats.

Not unusual to see umbrellas rigged
up on IK’s during the summer months on many of the Southwest river trips I do. Have a small clamp-on umbrella that I picked up years ago at REI. Rigging a spot to attach it securely if any wind picks up is the issue.

Very handy item to have for multiday trips with temps in the 90-100 range.

. . makes a line of clothing - for the sun sensitive / allergic crowd.

I’m not allergic or especially sensative to the sun but I am Irish and so am either as white as a ghost or as red as a lobster. I bought two shirts, one pant and a hat about 5 years ago and the stuff works like a charm and doesn’t wear out.

For my use a much better option than suncreen. You’ll still need to consider sunscreen for your face due to the reflection off the water.


My dealer has a canopy (very similar to what you are describing) hanging in their showroom for several years. I would bet that they would love to get it out of stock and into your hands. I don’t know the brand or price but you can go to their website at and get their “800” number or send an inquiry e-mail.


I use an Adventure Hat by Sunday Afternoons.