Sun Rash

I dont know if I just have old skin or what. Twice this summer I have broke out on my arms and legs with a rash after beening on the water all day.<br /> I have always been outside and never had this problem and dont know what to do.

I use at least 35 sunscreen so I thought I would be ok.

Im going to get me some long sleeves to paddle in till it goes away.<br /> I just have never had this and wonder if anyone else has had this.<br /> I know Ill get some rash jokes out of this!!

Could be something in the sunscreen you are using.

Ive had something similar

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Maybe even the same thing you have.
I was 39 when I first got this and I had never had anything like it before. It started one summer when I was working a side job doing roofs. I had done several roofs before this one but after a morning on this roof, my arms got red a blotchy, not like a sun burn or tan but blotchy like a rash, and they itched where they were red. That condition didnt really go away all summer. Since I had never had that reaction to the sun before, I chalked it up to fiberglass in the shingles we were working with. The rash was spotty just on my forearms. I could go shirtless and tan everywhere, except my forearms would get blotchy and itch. The rash and itching went away that winter until I visited my dad in Tampa in January. We took a short walk on the beach (very sunny but maybe just ten minutes), I was in short sleeves. The rash and itching returned worse than before. I fought with this condition for two summers. Sunscreen would help a little but not completely. Finally this spring, I noticed that it didnt return. Ive tanned up nice this summer with no hint of the rash or itching. I dont know if it was a change in my immune system or something. Ive gone through a similar thing with poison Ivy, for a few years I would get it just by being near it, this year Ive dang near rolled in it and have yet to get it. Ive read that your bodily systems go through changes as you age that effect your allergies and sensitivities. I dont know if it was that or truely was something in the shingles that messed me up for a couple years after. Whatever, Im glad its gone, it sucked.
I tried things like changing to nonallergenic bath soap and laundry detergent. It did help some but not 100%. Sorry Im not much help but at least now you know you arent alone.

Could be a sun “allergy”.

Long pants and sleeves
I have it happen some summers. Then I switch to long white pants made of thin cotton and long sleeve dress thin dress shirts. Sometimes I wear nylon long sleeve shirts from Cabelas or Basspro.

I agree…
Switch to a different sunscreen and see what happens.



Thanks for that link. Sounds like what happened to my left ankle this spring. Went to the beach on a hot April day and a few days later got the red, bumpy, itchy rash on the front of my left ankle. Scratched it so much in bed one night that I actually tore skin off. The bumpiness has gone away, but the dry skin and itching remain. I’ve never had this happen before, though. Now if only I could figure out what I did to my right index finger that’s made it sore over the past month :slight_smile:

Change sunblock first
It is possible that you have developed sensitivity to a compound in your sunscreen that only shows up with more extreme combinations of heat and humidity. But if it happens at all it is likely to get worse. Heat allergy exists also, but it is a relatively rare condition.

But as a general rule, long sleeve and long legged everything is a safer bet. If you lurk for the sales at Sierra Trading Post, you’ll see the high-sunblock clothing very cool come up at 50% off.