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I hate direct sun! Sept through April I'm in the right place. Starting in May though, drat that sun!

What's the best chemical sun screen that won't wash right off or sting your eyes on the first roll?

Somebody mentioned spray-on applications that can be easily re-applied. I'll go look on the shelves at the store but thought I'd tap the resources here first, as experience is often a better indicator than advertising.

Paul S.

(Yes, I have a good hat.)


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I use the coppertone dry sport 30 spf--it doesn't seem to leak into my eyes as much as the others.

The FDA just approved a new sunscreen ingredient that's supposedly much much more effective than others: Mexoryl SX
It's been used for years in Canada and Australia. I think Loreal has the US patent. Who knows if it's really as good as the Aussies claim, but I'll try it this year now that it's finally available in the US (but maybe not in stores yet). Here's what consumer search says: "Best UVA protection, but not available in U.S. retail stores. Ombrelle is a small sunscreen line owned by L'Oreal. It's available in Canada and online. L'Oreal uses avobenzone in all of their adult sunscreen products. In addition, Ombrelle contains Mexoryl SX, which is the most effective UVA-blocking ingredient available, according to dermatologists. In July 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Mexoryl for use in the United States."

Helioplex is another new sunscreen ingredient which is supposed to be good, and it's in Neutrogena: "Sunscreen reviews say Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock is an excellent general-use sunscreen. It has avobenzone and oxybenzone for protection against short and long-wave UVA rays, plus Helioplex to help the active ingredients protect skin for up to five hours. Since UVA light is the main culprit responsible for long-term skin damage, experts say it's essential to use a sunscreen that contains broad-spectrum UVA protection; surprisingly not all sunscreens protect against UVA. Neutrogena claims this sunscreen will neither run into the eyes nor sweat or towel off. Note that the SPF 30 and SPF 45 formulas don't contain Helioplex."

Bull Frog, Nuetrogena, and Bannana
Boat are popular with kayak fishermen on the Gulf Coast. I use Banana Boat SPF 30 and have had very good luck. I’ve used the No-Ad with good results, just like Banana Boat better.

Bullfrog a hat and good sunglasses

This haole still likes Neutrogena
but gonna try the Ocean Potion next bottle just to see … Could not get the MX stuff yet …

Bananna Boat users … I liked the BB50 'till I tried the Neutrogena. A little better @ everything IMO and does not sweat into eyes.

Use the stick form of Bullfrog
Try using the sunscreen in the stick form . I use Bullfrog recommended by my dermatologist and it works great. FishHawk

Bullfrog a hat and good sunglasses…
and gloves - short finger in warm conditions.

Kinesys - spray on. Has not let me burn
in 2 summers.

Bullfrog Kid’s UV Defender
Kept me from burning recently and I was out in the sun for about 7 hours.

Aussie Sunscreen
When my sister in law came out from Australia last year, she left my family a bottle of bargain brand sunscreen. It still got into the eyes after enough time, but I’ve never used a more effective suncreen. My son, who tends to burn even with Copertone SPF 50, did not get red at all using the cheap Aussie stuff.

Gel types
I think they spread and absorb better than the lotions.

Coppertone Sport
I second the coppertone sport sunscreen. Waterproof, sweatproof. I still recomend aplying it often if you plan on rolling though.

What String said…
…I’ve been using Kinesys exclusively for two years. It was suggested to me by a nice lady (customer)at REI who guides in Baja. What the heck. I tried it. Two weeks on the coast and no sunburn.

I’m set. I don’t need to try anything else. Goes on easy. No smell (unless you choose to buy the scented but who wants to smell like a pina colada in bear country?), no eye drip, stays on well around water, oil and wax free so your skin can breathe.

Lots of choices. Kinesys is a good one.

Johnson’s Baby Oil

I’m leaning toward
Johnson’s baby oil.

I’m kidding. I’m kidding.

A lot of these suggestions look good. I’m leaning toward the Kinesys spray on. I’m thinking it’s easiest to re-apply on the water. Also, might be easiest to keep off my neck gasket. Make sure the the cloth neck is masking the gasket about right, then spray.

Thanks everyone. Feel free to keep adding suggestions. Valuable info for me and future readers.

Paul S.

To keep it off my neck gasket…
…I spray it on my hands and wipe on my neck where I want it to be.

Lots of good choices but after using and selling sunscreen products for over 30 years and having the ability to peodeal any of it Kinesys is my clear choice.

With Helioplex. Widely available and I consistantly find it on the dermatology lists as being the good stuff.

B’sides, doesn’t stink and feels good going on.


Bullfrog Gel
It’s my favorite and I use it both for skiing in the winter and on the boat in the summer. I have never had the stinging eyes’s and I do get a lot of sweat in both sports.

my top two
Bullfrog Quick-Dry Gel. Dries quick, doesn’t run into my eyes, and doesn’t feel greasy. WARNING:-- Do not use it if you take, or paddle with people who take, Antabuse/Disulfiram.

Blue Lizard - I found out about this one from an Australian friend who teaches Outdoor Education in New Zealand and Fiji. The bottle is UV sensitive - it is white, but turns blue when exposed to UV. When I lived in NZ the bottles were always blue, the first white one I saw was in the US.

Blue Lizard
Is Zinc Oxide/Titanium DiOxide based sunscreen. It works very well, does not degrade over time - that is if it stays on your skin. “Sensitive” contains no perfumes.

The only partially undesirable side effect - the color - you will look pasty white if apply enough.

And the bottle does turn blue :slight_smile:

Take a look here:

Mexoryl (ecamsule) is the latest and greatest UVA blocker that is available in L’Oreal sunscreens, say Obmrelle.