Sun Velocity??

Does anyone know if these are still being made? If so, where can I buy one? Any experiences with them? Thanks

Sun Kayaks
This summer a local shop displayed some Sun Kayaks at our club meeting, so they were still making them then.

Please make your P-Net “public” profile available for us to see. Not knowing where you live, makes it hard to tell you where you can buy one.

Did you look up Sun Kayaks on the internet? I am sure their web page will tell you where you can buy one. My wife was interested in one real early last spring, and this is how I found a dealer.

She didn’t buy one (found a cheap used kayak to start with), but 2 women wrote an article for our sunday news about kayaking, and the one had a Sun Kayak. She really loved it. She said the plastic was harder that other rotomolded, and didn’t scratch so quick. She liked the speed, handling and tracking too. Everyone likes different things in a kayak, so what she liked, you might not. But I did contact her by e-mail after reading the article and she had a lot of good things to say.

Test paddle before you buy, and Happy Paddling!

Sun Velocity/ Riot Voyager
In the US they are marketed as the Riot Voyager same hull. has some instock.

Also sold as SUN
I know thew are also sold as Sun kayaks, as I have seen them, and touched them!

Happy Searching!