Sunburst II vs Mohawk XL13

Hello, I have a sunburst II but have come across an XL13 for a good price. I like the sunburst for being well built(big guy here), its ease of paddling but I have a love/hate relationship with the pedestal seat. I like to kneel but not all the time. This XL13 has a cane seat installed and the pedestal to go with it. That would be nice for sure. How do the 2 boats compare to one another? thanks


Both are big boats, obviously
It’s been a while since I paddled an XL 13. I have a Suburst II.

The old Blue Holes seem to have a legendary reputation for toughness, but I think that if you are looking at an XL 13 more than a few years old, it should hold up just fine.

The XL 13 is more than a foot shorter and over 2 inches narrower than the Sunburst II. The XL 13 has vinyl covered aluminum gunwales so the gunwales don’t leave dark marks on your hands and paddle shaft as do the bare aluminum gunwales on the Sunburst II. The Mohawk also has somewhat greater rocker.

Both are large volume, solo canoes with a lot of stability and both will handle some pretty big waves. The XL 13 being shorter, narrower, and more rockered is more maneuverable, but in today’s world of very small whitewater playboats, many would consider both boats to be pigs. Both have room and capacity to function as river trippers. The

Sunburst II might be a little better suited for that use.

The Sunburst II is really a bit too wide to function well as a solo canoe for many people, especially smaller ones, since its width makes cross-over strokes more difficult and it is harder to get both hands out over the water.

The XL 13 really has a knack for side-surfing in holes, if you are into that sort of thing. My guess is if you are happy with the Sunburst II you will probably like the Mohawk XL 13. Both were exceedingly popular whitewater solo boats in their time.

You could just correct the seating
in your Sunburst. Given that the XL13 isn’t all that different from the Sunburst, I’d rather see you save for something of more modern design. Maybe a Prodigy X or an Outrage X. That’s assuming you don’t want something shorter and more aggressive.

Not a whitewater boater

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I purchased the sunburst because I wanted a boat that was more lively to dodge obstacles and to explore tighter spaces. No whitewater is planned so no need for a future modern WW boat. I wasn't sure on the XL13, being similar and shorter/narrower I don't see a need to purchase it but at $200 it was enticeing. I'll work on the seat in the sunburst when I finish the other boats. Thanks for the advice


geez Brian
Buy the XL 13 and drop it off to me in Indiana and I’ll give you $350 for it :slight_smile:

Spendy gas to IN
I am/was waiting for some close up pics. The boat probably is already sold since I posted it here. I know the boat vultures are always circling waiting to swoop down on some prey.


i emailed the dude myself
but havent received a reply…if you beat me to it sell me the saddle…

A slow seller?
Still waiting on pics and who knows he probably sold it to someone local. I’m sure he had more email once I posted the ad on Pnet. I have one of those saddles in my sunburst II, would you have a seat to trade yak? I like to kneel in the boat but there are times just floating that I would like a seat to stretch the legs.


You want mine?
Maybe I am the guy. I have an XL-13 with a Perception saddle that I have had on Craigslist in VA for a while. No takers. I thought 250.00 was a steal. Any takers?