Sundance 9.5

Has anyone used this for a river boat, Class I and II water? Fish from it?

Their add says lakes and ponds, doesnt mention rivers.

I have the Sundance 12 and it is by far the best SIK kayak for fishing made. I chose the 12 as it is my touring boat also. Remember it is not a whitewater boat. The cockpit is HUGE and there is planty of room for my flys and accessories. I have a half skirt to keep the spray and paddle drips out but seldom use it.

I am presently out of commision for about two more months after a Quad Bypass and I am looking forward to getting back in my boat.


I Agree
The Sundance 12 doesn’t get enough attention in my opinion.WONDERFUL for fishing. I have two.

A 9.5 kayak like the Sundance will work
as well on rivers with current (Class 1). For class II, make sure your gear is secure before you go thru the rapids, but I don’t expect you’d have any trouble. My first kayak to fish from was a Necky Sky, 9.6. Still own it and use it on small creeks and rivers. It worked fine for fishing and would still use it all the time if I hadn’t gotten a good deal on a Loon 138.

I have a swifty 9.5
I have a swifty 9.5 and its nearly the same boat. Just a different seat, and less deck rigging.

Been great in class I water, and a great river boat in general.

That said the cockpits on these things are huge, both for good and bad. You cant brace yourself very well, or shimmy the boat with your body, but it does turn on a dime because its so short.

I really like mine, added two rod holders and a paddle clip, now thinking about a gps mount.

Sundance 12
I also have a sundance 12 which I primarily use as a river fishing kayak. I love it - its sleek enough to allow me to paddle upstream against a current, but stable and manuverable. I get out and in a lot since I stop and wade fish when it looks appropriate. the large cockpit is good for easy exit and reentry.

I have used it Class I & II and survived
It’s not ideal for Class II, but you can run it. I wouldn’t try and play in it. Those sharp angles of attack and exit give the swirly currents something to push against and that can give some unexpected results. Class I, no problem. Class II can be done.

As far as a fishing boat, absolutely wonderful. I used on on the Potomac in up to an easy Class II and had confidence in the boat’s capabilities. Took some nice fish too, and even attained back upriver for another drift on a long section. It did very well “eddy hopping” back up through a rock garden. Much better than I’d have expected.

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