Sundowner Royalex regret

So, I am a total novice when it comes to canoes. But bought this boat for $20, and…well… here we are. Its a sundowner, and i am pretty sure its royalex. It has a huge crack in it, and some scuffs and fading and wear. Wood and seats are in good shape. Is this repairable or is it just a flower bed now?

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Hey I wouldn’t complain about that if all I’d paid was $20 (and I ain’t even seen any other pictures of it). Personally I’d invest the $100 or so to patch that myself and send it. Assuming you already have some basic hand and power tools that wouldn’t be too expensive to fix.

First thing you should do though is to drill a hole (1/4" will do) at the end of that crack to keep it from spreading further.

Gflex epoxy, some e-glass and maybe some aluminum flat strap for bracing/ribs and that should get it useable. Definitely good enough for flat water and easy river tripping. I’m sure you’ll get other opinions on how to fix it, but if you want a more detailed synopsis of how I’d patch and reinforce that let me know. Also maybe toss up a few more pics of the boat.

Thanks! Yeah, it only let me post one photo.

Looks like it might have been stored outside and it’s definitely seen some use (and repair), but for 20 bucks I’d be pretty happy if it were mine.

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