Sunglasses and salt water,...solution?

I was wondering what do most people use to clean the film off your sunglasses when you’re paddling in salt water? When I’m paddling in the bay into the chop, the salty spray dries quickly on my sunglasses. Can’t see with them,…can’t see wwithout them.

Is there an easy soltion to keep sunglasses reasonable clear? Thanks

If they get real bad,
I just squirt some fresh water on them from my water bottle, and swish it around with my fingers, and let it dry. It is one step better thasn the dries salt.

It’s the green sea weed that grows in my nose pieces that really bugs me !!!

jack L

The problem is ,…
They get real bad real fast. The fresh water from a bottle cleans them, but it’s only for a very brief time, plus I have to stop paddling to do it.

Lick 'em
It’s easy, quick and works as well as any other method.

Dunking them will remove dried salt, but obviously you’ll end up with some on the lenses as they dry.

Other than that, you just have to get used to paddling with partially obscured vision. If you’re paddling into the wind, your glasses are going to get coated with water and salt, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You have a choice, get over it or spend all your time cleaning your glasses. :wink:

This is what I use
Get some eye glass cleaner that comes in a small packet, they are maybe 6"x6" when opened. I keep a few of them in my PFD or my dry bag.

similarly afflicted
I tend to have sensitive eyes and wear sunglasses when many around me are ok without, so I know the annoyance. I often just get used to slightly dirtier glasses. Dunking, rubbing, and then shaking them off does pretty well. I actually have more trouble with the greasy “baby” sunscreen getting on the lenses. That stuff really doesn’t wash off.

I also wear a wide brimmed hat with a dark underside of the brim almost all the time. When I’m wearing that i can sometimes foregoe the glasses, and the hat never gets foggy. :slight_smile:

Repeated baptism by immersion …
mine don’t ever dry when I am on the water …

One of the commercial anti-fog coatings helps in keeping the water on the glasses from making them hard to see thru. There are several brands, all seem to work about the same.

If your paddling store doesn’t stock them, the local motorcycle store will.

Bill H.

Try RainX
I just tried RainX yesterday on my sunglasses and it worked pretty well. Still fogged a bit after rolling, but cleared up faster. The RainX worked well at allowing water drops to bead and roll off as opposed to drying and leaving a salt stain. Just be careful with plastics and coatings as the bottle said not to use it on some surfaces. My sunglasses are plastic and they were cheap, so I went ahead and there is no damage from one application.

it’s not much of a solution,
but maybe you could hook up a hydration system to your hat and have it slowly drip on your glasses. Something that will slowly feed water out, like a hamster water bottle with the little ball. That way you wouldn’t have to stop paddling, and it would rinse the salt water film off.

cat crap

Some good suggestions,…
We’re leaving for the Maryland shore tomorrow and I’m taking rain-x, anti fog, glass cleaner, fresh water, spit and sweat!;>) Something has to help at least a little bit. Thanks again

We just got back ,…

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From six days of camping in Assateague National and I tried Rain-x since I had a very old bottle on the shelf. It worked great! I used it on my sunglasses with polycarbonate lens and the drops of salt water are small enough that I didn't even notice them. Once in a while I just rinsed with fresh water and my vision fine. Thanks for the tip nukexbi!