Sunglasses fogging

I’m out paddling early and need to wear them as I paddle into the sun on these clear, chilly winter mornings. But as soon as I’ve warmed up, the inside surface of the lenses start fogging. Any suggestions?

Gel toothpaste

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Haven't used it for paddling, but I used to apply it to sunglasses I wore while cycling. Rinse the lenses and smear gel toothpaste over the inside surfaces, then rinse again and pat dry.

It did prevent fogging, but only for a little while. The effect didn't last long enough for me so I just went back to putting up with the fogging.

I wonder if auto wax would do the trick. If the moisture tended to bead up and roll off the lenses rather than sit there diffused, that'd work. Hmmmm, must try this.

SCUBA shops sell products that prevent dive masks from fogging, but most old mossy backs just use spit.

Local Optical store
Go to your local Eye/Ear Optical or XYZ glasses etc. and buy some glass cleaner-defogger. Works great. Everyone sells it at major stores like those.

Cat Crap
There is a product called Cat Crap that I use for my prescription lenses while XC-skiing. It comes in a smallish red container, you take a tiny dab and rub it onto your lenses then wipe it off with a normal lens cleaning cloth. Works great for several hours or more, less under intense condensation conditions. I buy it at ski shops but it’s available online.

Okay, bonus points go to whoever knows why the hell they named it Cat Crap!?

Along the same lines, I bet Rain-X would work just as well. Heading into the Adirondacks this weekend for a couple days spent on skinny skis, will have to try the Rain-X thing. I’ve got a container of Rain-X wipes I’ll bring along & let you know how they stack up compared to Cat Crap.



rain - x
Rain x INSIDE WINDOW DEFOGGER, that is (unless you want the water to bead on your lenses). Found this out by accident when I bought it instead of the exterior rain x. Works great on the inside of your lenses, or inside windshield!

Long-billed hat
Fogging and salt spray is why I don’t use sunglasses on the water.

Rain-ex makes a product called fog-ex that is supposed to prevent fog on car windows. It many work on sunglasses.

Good Point
After lsoing a couple very expensive pairs of prescriptin sunglasses on the water I must agree a hat makes a lot of sense.

I have sworn off using expenzive sunglasses. I found a pair for $20 that are almost as good, and I would not mind losing so much.

Roll. it will clear themm every time…
Just kidding…sorta. I have yet to find a product that will reliably keep the glasses from fogging. Trust me, since I have to wear the cursed things, I have tried all I can put my hands on…

Cat Crap is the best
Somebody reccomended this stuff to me for paddling and XC Skiing and man what an invention. I use it all the time. Good stuff!

Army Surplus
My local Army surplus store has these little olive drab colored plastic canisters about the size of a roll on 35mm film. Inside is a small piece of flannel like cloth that is impregnated with some type of chemical solution. The military uses it to keep the inside of gas masks from fogging up. They are about 3/$1.00. Hey even if it doesn’t work well, at least you got some cheap lense cleaning cloths.

works. I have used it both on the in side and the outside of my glasses. Not great but adequate.


Shampoo ?
I’ve heard that a thin, evenly applied coat of shampoo works for hockey masks that fog. I haven’t tried it yet in hockey, but probably will do so this weekend.

…not all products are safe to use on polycarb


I found something that works well on all my glasses

Fog Buster

Shield Lenscare

33 West Bacon St

Plainville, Ma 02762-0538