Sunscreen/bug spray combo?

Does a combination sun screen, bug repellent exist? or should I just choose between skin cancer, or west nile virus?

I have tried both in different combinations and it seems they are like oil and water. I even tried the idiotic Off brand clip-on (to my pdf) with no effect.


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Tons of combos on Amazon:

Ive never used a combo so I cant comment on them. I use both separately and together all the time. I put sunblock on first and bug spray afterwards. I would recommend this way because bug spray creates a film on your skin which seems like it would inhibit the sunblock from being absorbed.

In my experience both work well. Im outside for long periods of time in buggy areas and dont end up burnt or bitten too badly.

What problems have you had?

Bull Frog’s combo has worked well for me iover the past two years.

Apparently the bullfrog combo
is not sold in the mid west. I use bullfrog superblock and cutter bug spray and the cutter makes the bullfrog very water and sweat soluble.

Just ordered some online, jeez we never get the cool stuff in Kansas.

I use Bullfrog Mosquito Coast a combination sunscreen insect repellent and have never had a problem finding it in the midwest states of Iowa and Missouri. I usually find it at Walgreens, some supermarkets, or heaven forbid, Walmart.

Agree with the Bullfrog
I use it all the time when I am on the water or just working outside. It does contain Deet so if you have any deet allergies use caution.

Though it seems not to work as well as Bens for biting bugs in the subtropics its better than nothing. Body chemistry likely plays a part. The folks in Everglades City swear by it and stock an ample supply. It must work better for others than me.

Suggest changing out the Bullfrog
if it sits for a while. Meaning, if you only use half a bottle for a season. Replace it with fresh one beginning of the next. … I swear it eats away at its container and has some weird side effect when applied.

Luckily, I am done fathering children

This Google thing
I just typed in “bug and sunscreen” and got a whole lotta results. I used to use a product called (cleverly enough) Sun and Bug and it seemed to work as advertised.