I’m looking for a sunscreen that is biodegradeable with a PF factor higher than 25. Anybody know of one? When I go kayaking here (NC) I use one that is sweat/water resistant thats rated 50. I’m on blood pressure medicine & one of the side affects is that I can get sun burned even when I’m in the shade. I plan on buying Cactus Juice but thought I’d try and see if there’s something with a higher PF.

Don’t know about bio-degradable…
…but Neutrogena spray-on 75 has worked well for me…several years now.

Same same on Neutrogena.
Not sure either on biodegradeable but this one has been working the best for this haole.

60+ for Sensitive Skin … This one is a little harder to find and goes on thick and white.

A different blend ( even from other Neutrogena products ) that is touted as effective yet ‘safer’ 'casue it doesn’t have X and X in it.

don’t remember what X is but if you read the labels you will see.

maybe not biodegradable, but…
Bullfrog’s “surfer’s formula” is extremely waterproof (more than any other I’ve tried) and so isn’t likely to pollute since it doesn’t easily come off. I often have a good amount to scrub off with soap when I get home.

Tends to dry out skin a bit so maybe not good for sensitive skin.

Kinesys is the best I have found.
It comes in unscented, dries clear and dry and gives great protection. One of the top rated by Outside magazine.I don’t know about biodegradable.

I get it on-line.

My Florida Dermatologist Recommends
Blue Lizard Australian Suncream.

I use SPF 30+ UVA and UVB

Very water resistant.

here are a couple things on sale

Ditto on Kinesys…
…The only thing I use anymore.

I like the unscented but they do make a scented version now for those who insist on smelling like a Pina Colada, whatever.

Dries quickly and stays on.

Doesn’t leave your hands too slick to paddle.

A 4oz. bottle has lasted me through a two week trip in 2007, a year of 4 season paddling in 2008, a 3 week trip plus 4 season paddling in 2009 and I still have some left. Very economical.

I second Blue Lizard
Basically, Blue Lizard is titanium oxide and zinc oxide (I think!). Old-time lifeguard stuff – white noses, remember them? The reason I switched to Blue Lizard is that wearing Neutragena for several days in a row made my skin break out in a fine rash under the sunscreen. The Blue Lizard didn’t have the effect and it did give me great sun protection. I looked weird with a white face but did I care? Having a couple of skin cancers removed got me focused on protecting what’s left. And I can’t give up kayaking!


and the bottle turns blue.
when exposed to UV telling you you need to put it on :slight_smile:

My dermatologist always recommends Neutrogena, and she also says anything over 30 SPF doesn’t offer any better protection. I use cream at first, and then spray-on while out on the water. Just make sure that whatever brand/SPF you choose that it protects you from both UVA and UVB. And go to the dermatologist once a year. I had two basal cell carcinomas removed, and both were just small very insignificant bumps on my arm. They can later change to squamous cell carcinoma and then to melanoma (the deadly form of skin cancer) so GET CHECKED! It’s not how long you’ve been exposed to the sun recently either…it’s how long you were exposed twenty, thirty, or forty years ago.

Amen to that.

Gonna try that Blue Stuff next …
The bottle turning blue sounds fun.

The Neutrogena stuff I am talking about above has 4.9% titanium D and 4.7% zink O. If you are using it right, you look white.

re: using it right, you look white
Kathy (the OP) and I (her brother) already look extremely white - that’s why we need the sunblock! :wink:

Stop using polyunsaturated oils in your foods. Years ago when people used lard for cooking they tanned much better and sunscreens didn’t exist. Compare old photos and you will see how people’s skin is so reddish nowdays.

As for your blood pressure if you would fast for about two days from food it may lower your blood pressure. Be sure it’s OK with your doctor (if you know of an acceptable one).

Anything biodegradable will probably wash off and will almost guarentee to sweat off. Might be ok sitting in the shade behind your house, not gonna be great on the water.

Bill H.

My BP started running high around the time I turned 30. My doc did a thorough physical, said I was healthy and wanted to know why my BP was running high. Its an ugly thing called stress. I turn 50 in March. Was at the Dr. Monday my bp was 110/70. Kayaking is a great relaxer. Even though I haven’t yaked in a couple of months I can think about it and feel relaxed. Its great to float all the negativity away.

Canned Heat
"Well did you ever wake up with them bullfrogs on your mind?

“Well did you ever wake up with them bullfrogs on your mind?

You gonna wake up laughin’, laughin’ just to keep from cryin”

Canned Heat, 1967

I’ve found that Bullfrog (it’s not just for frogs) Surfer Formula is the best.

nothings good for you
I was surfin the net and found this site

They rated the sunscreens. Even the ones they rated to be the at the top can be harmful in some way. Its like most things…find one that works for you and stick with it.