Sunscreens 2017 - Consumers Reports tests

Picked up a tube of the Equate Sport 50. Four bucks.

Going to need a timer on my kayak: hydrate every 30 minutes, sunscreen every two hours.

I have been using Kenesysis for several years since Outside Magazine rated it as one of the best.
I have never burned using it even after several hours in direct sun.
It is a liquid that dries clear and doesn’t wash off .
The only side effect is my hair keeps getting thinner and more gray.

Thanks! Good to know.

In an effort to minimize the risk of nasty chemicals, while still protecting against the sun’s UV rays, we started using a titanium dioxide based sunscreen at the beginning of last year. This was also after a surprising discovery that some sunscreens turn clothing and gear a rusty orange/brown colour.

Although I like the whole idea, the titanium dioxide is messy and seems to turn everything you even look at, white. Not to mention that re-applying needs to be done more often than traditional sunscreens.

I’ve always used long sleeves, a hat, and a bandana around my neck to avoid having to use sunscreen there. The areas that remain are my face, ears, and back of hands. I’m thinking a face covering and light gloves might be my next step.

Banana Boat KID’S formula. Sweat proof and smear proof coverage.